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Chemiphase are proud to launch our latest developments in our maintenance chemicals and industrial cleaning supplies.  At Chemiphase we strive to produce the most eco friendly maintenance chemicals that are possible yet still maintain excellent levels of industrial cleaning supplies and degreaser products.  We have been manufacturing industrial cleaning supplies for over 18 years and offer maintenance products to maintenance companies, oilfield, marine, tool hire companies.  For more information on our range of maintenance chemicals please see below:

  • Tar Remover, Bitumen Remover - TarSolve 5 Litre Drum

    Tarsolve - Bitumen Cleaner | Tar Remover

    Specially formulated tar remover for the construction industry.  The modern tar remover and bitumen cleaner... TarSolve tar remover effectively, safely and completely removes Tar, bitumen and bituminous compounds from brickwork,...

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  • DEION - Deionised/Demineralised Water 20 Litres

    DEION - Deionized Water | DI Water

    DEION - Deionized Water / DI Water Chemiphase is a UK Deionised Water Supplier.  Purified water is water that is mechanically filtered or processed to be cleaned for consumption. Distilled water and deionized water (DI Water) have been the most...

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  • Anti Condensation Paint, Paint Additives, Mould Removal, Mould Additive

    Anti Mould Paint Additive - AdPaint

    AdPaint - Anti Mould Paint Additive /Fungi/Mildew Paint Retardent Additive AdPaint is a preventative treatment that will avoid mould growing on painted surfaces.  AdPaint is an anti mould/fungi/mildew retardent paint additive which can be added to...

  • ODOURSOLV - Heavy Duty Re-Odouriser

    Odoursolv - Heavy Duty Odour Neutraliser

    Odoursolv - Heavy Duty Odour Neutraliser / Kennel Disinfectant Ideal for Drain & Sewer Odour Prevention Agent, Washrooms, Toilets, Waste Bins, Entrance Matting, Kennels etc. Odoursolv - odour neutraliser is designed to dispel foul...

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  • 5 KG of Ex ICE - Ice Thaw Granules

    Ice Melt Granules For Paths

    Ice Melt- Safe & Easy To Use Ice Melt Granules The safe replacement for Rock salt in the removal and prevention of dangerous build-ups of ice and snow.  Totally non-corrosive to metals and other materials, it has longer lasting properties...

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  • Klearsite - Concentrated Screen wash Additive

    Klearsite - The Best Screenwash

    Klearsite- The best screenwash additive... Klearsite is regarded by many as the best screenwash additive for both summer and winter use.  It provides an efficient screen cleaning action all year round, and used at the correct dilution will...

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