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Chemiphase can provide a broad range of wastewater treatment odour control chemicals in their waste water treatment chemical range. All of these wastewater treatment chemicals come with our industry leading technical support. Chemiphase also offer a biological approach to odour control which is a long term treatment to eliminate the actual problem. A full list of our odour control chemicals waste water treatment chemicals can be found below.  For more information on why your drain smells and what you can do about it, please contact us.

Water treatment odour control is an essential aspect of managing and eliminating unpleasant smells that can arise from various water treatment processes. These odours may result from the presence of certain chemical compounds or the growth of microorganisms in the water. Controlling these odours is important not only for ensuring a better experience for water consumers but also for maintaining the overall effectiveness and safety of the water treatment process.

Chemiphase typical techniques used for water treatment odour control:
  • Aeration: Aeration involves exposing water to air, which helps release volatile compounds responsible for odours. This method is particularly effective for reducing odours caused by dissolved gases like hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).
  • Chemical Oxidation: Chemical oxidants, such as chlorine, ozone, or potassium permanganate, can be used to break down organic compounds causing odour. These oxidants react with odorous substances, neutralizing or converting them into less odorous compounds.
  • Activated Carbon Filtration: Activated carbon filters are effective in removing organic compounds and some chemical pollutants that cause foul odors. The porous structure of activated carbon traps odor-causing substances, leaving the water odor-free.
  • Biologically Active Filters: These filters use beneficial microorganisms to biodegrade organic compounds that cause odours. The microorganisms break down the odorous substances into harmless byproducts.
  • pH Adjustment: Proper pH control can help minimize the release of volatile compounds and reduce odour in water.
  • Stripping Towers: Stripping towers involve passing air through the water to encourage the transfer of volatile odorous compounds from the water to the air.
  • UV Treatment: Ultraviolet (UV) light can be used as a disinfection method, which can also help in reducing some odours caused by microorganisms.
  • Reservoir Management: Proper management of water reservoirs can help prevent the formation of odorous compounds by controlling factors such as temperature, organic matter, and nutrient levels.
  • Source Water Control: Addressing the source of odour-causing substances, such as industrial discharges or agricultural runoff, can help reduce odours in the water treatment process.
  • Regular Monitoring: Regular monitoring of water quality, including odour assessments, can help identify potential issues early and implement appropriate odour control measures.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of odour control measures may vary depending on the specific odour-causing compounds present in the water and the treatment process used. Chemiphase Water treatment professionals can help identify the best odour control strategies based on water quality analysis and specific treatment goals. Additionally, compliance with local regulations and guidelines is essential for implementing appropriate and safe odour control practices in water treatment facilities.

  • ODOURSOLV - Heavy Duty Re-Odouriser

    Odoursolv - Heavy Duty Odour Neutraliser

    Odoursolv - Heavy Duty Odour Neutraliser / Kennel Disinfectant Ideal for Drain & Sewer Odour Prevention Agent, Washrooms, Toilets, Waste Bins, Entrance Matting, Kennels etc. Odoursolv - odour neutraliser is designed to dispel foul...

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  • CHECKMATE - Grease and Odour Treatment for Drains

    Checkmate - Liquid Grease & Odour Chemical

    Checkmate - Liquid Grease Remover / Drain Cleaner Checkmate chemical drain cleaner is a revolutionary modern and safe solution with dealing with grease and odour problems.  It is highly effective at removing build-ups of grease even when...

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  • Drum mounted fogging machine

    Automatic Drum Mounted Fog Machine

      DESCRIPTION OF FOG MACHINE Drum Mounted Fog machines are designed for users with larger fogging requirements and provide a complete system that is cost effective and reliable solution when treating large areas for a long period of time. Fog...

  • Picture of Bioreactor

    Chemiphase Biological Wastewater Treatment Bioreactor

    Biological Wastewater Treatment Solutions The Chemiphase Bioreactor is a bacteria growing module which provides all of the necessary growing conditions for substantially enhanced bacterial growth. By maximising all of the conditions for bacterial...