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Tarsolve - Bitumen Cleaner | Tar Remover

Tarsolve - Bitumen Cleaner | Tar Remover

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Specially formulated tar remover for the construction industry.  The modern tar remover and bitumen cleaner...

TarSolve tar remover effectively, safely and completely removes Tar, bitumen and bituminous compounds from brickwork, concrete, terrazzo, marble and stone surfaces.  TarSolve eliminates the problems which occur on all building and construction sites, caused by unsightly tar or bitumen runs, spillages and overspray's.

Tarsolve tar cleaner can also be used as professional alternative to diesel, for the removal of bitumen, tar and other bituminous products from tools and equipment. TarSolve tar remover will break down and degrade the bitumen and tar. Tarsolve is also used as a highly effective tar and bitumen remover on smaller items such as brushes, shovels. TarSolve can also be used on larger machinery such as hot boxes, pavers via a spay application or brushed on.

TarSolve - Dissolves and emulsifies Tar, Asphalt and Bitumen

TarSolve is invaluable for cleaning vehicles and equipment used for tarring and asphalt laying.  Just spray or brush TarSolve on areas to be cleaned.  Allow it to penetrate and dissolve the tar or asphalt deposits and then hose off with water.  For light deposits TarSolve may be diluted with equal parts of solvent.  Tar mops, brooms, buckets, picks and shovels can be easily and conveniently cleaned by immersing them in a bath of TarSolve at the end of each day.  Simply rinsing off Tar Remover the following morning leaves tools in clean, re-usable condition. 

Tarsolve tar remover totally replaces other existing products which can cause or leave permanent staining and eliminates the need to cut out and replace expensive brickwork and concrete.  TarSolve bitumen remover is safe on most metals and is also effective in removing glue and most adhesives.  Easy to use, simply spray on and agitate with a brush, then rinse off with water.

TarSolve is equally effective on heavy deposits of grease, oil and sludge.  Will remove Sludge from oil tanks and delivery tankers.

Note when using Tarsolve - Tar Remover

Using TarSolve Tar and Bitumen remover with brick work or other porous surfaces, to obtain best results, wet surface first with water to take up absorbency.  Always keep TarSolve Bitumen remover in your stores for those accidental spillages which occur on every site.

TarSolve tar remover must be stored away from children.

Private Labels

Chemiphase Ltd offer 'private' label services which incorporates having your requested products manufactured and branded as your own under strict ISO 9001 procedures, ensuring the highest quality products.  All products manufactured at the plant can be labelled with your choice of company name, logo, contact details and delivered direct to site with product data sheets displaying your details and company logo.

All chemical products manufactured at Chemiphase Ltd are delivered with the  appropriate safety labels required by UK, EU and international transport and hazard regulations. 

Free Shipping Information for UK Customers

Carriage to a UK Mainland address and VAT is already included in the price.  Some types of chemicals are classified as hazardous and as such will be sent on a overnight carrier.  A signature will be required on delivery.  Once your order has been placed and the product has been shipped, you will be sent an email and text message with the tracking information included which will allow you to track the item and adjust if required.

13 Reviews
  • 4

    Posted by David Huskisson on 13th Sep 2023

    Worked very well removing bitumastic waterproofing paint from quarry tile floor. Surprised at lack of instructions supplied or safety /disposal guidance

  • 5
    Awesome Tar Remove

    Posted by Justin on 27th Feb 2023

    This is a must have, had to remove tar footprints of paving stones worked a treat, will always keep this product to hand in the future. Speedy delivery also.

  • 5
    Tar solve

    Posted by Alastair Gordon-Farleigh on 30th Dec 2021

    I used some Tarsolve, following internet research, to remove a bituminous residue from a toilet floor, following digging up the old vinyl floor covering. The product worked well, following the provided instructions. The floor area is approx 2.5 x 1 metre and I, mistakenly, ordered 2 5-litre containers, so as not to be caught short whilst doing the job
    Needless to say I have one full container and one half-used container left, but the job is now done

  • 5
    TarSolve Tar & Bitumen Remover

    Posted by Gordon Morris on 25th Oct 2020

    I made a bit of a mess of my paved patio whilst applying bitumen to some fence posts before putting them in the ground. Needless to say my wife was no amused.
    I tried to remove the bitumen using various products that I had in my garage such as bleach, patio cleaner, white spirit etc but nothing worked. Needless to say my wife was not amused.
    I searched the web and decided to give TarSolve a try and I was surprised at how much it cleaned off at my first attempt. With repeated applications and scrubbing the bitumen staining faded more and more until it disappeared from my patio completely. I wouldn't hesitate to use this product again.

  • 5
    Tarsole - Tar Remover

    Posted by Gary Tyler on 23rd Sep 2020

    Effective at removing tar stains from block paving. Needs to be used with elbow grease and scrubbed. More than 1 application may be needed. Best I found

  • 5

    Posted by david on 6th Sep 2020

    very good product, helping me clean up after taking up parquet flooring

  • 5
    Worked a treat!

    Posted by Catherine on 9th Jul 2020

    I bought this product to clean up my outside area (I’m not sure what the previous homeowner did but there was a LOT of tar mess on the flagging). I sprayed the area and then scrubbed with a brush but I found the most effective removal method to be spraying the area and then sluicing with water immediately. Some of my paving flags were completely black and I have managed to restore them with this product and an afternoon of spraying and sluicing.

    Excellent customer service from Chemiphase too, Would definitely recommend,!

  • 4

    Posted by NickS on 12th May 2020

    Bought to remove a bitumen coating from an old wall. It's the only product I've found that actually works, though it's not quite as straightforward as agitating with a brush and rinsing off. It has required repeated scrubbing with a heavy duty wire brush, sometimes with 2 or 3 applications of the product.
    The first attempt thins the bitumen and just spreads it, making it look worse. We tried brushes, pressure washers etc to clean the residue and almost gave up until finding that a really hard scrub with a wire brush worked. So it does the job but takes a while.
    Overall, happy with the product.

  • 2
    Tar and bitumen remover

    Posted by Andrew Russell on 10th May 2020

    Unfortunately wouldnt remove the tar/bitumen/rubber deposits left on my drive from a car fire. No worse than anything else though, as nothing I have bought and tried works,

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