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EOR - Our proven technology for increasing oil well yields

EOR (Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery) is a revolutionary tertiary oil recovery program, engineered to provide fast and comprehensive results on underperforming well sites or wells that have ceased to be financially viable.  For technical information on this technology please see our Enhanced oil recovery pdf at the bottom of the page.

Why do we need an EOR Tertiary Recovery Technique

Peak oil, the time at which oil production reaches its maximum point and begins to decline, is estimated at a date at between 2020 and 2030. This figure is based on the current production rates, but also the current production techniques.

Primary and secondary oil recovery techniques yield extraction rates of between 15 and 50% of the wells total reserve. This means that, conservatively, the same amount of oil that has been extracted remains untapped once the well ceases to be viable.

MEOR represents an effective tertiary recover technique that will allow the previously unobtainable 50- 85% of a well reserve, to be extracted.

What is EOR?

EOR is a unique blend of additives that introduces and cultivates preferential well conditions, allowing beneficial bacterial growth and activity.

EOR is a tertiary recovery technique. Microbiologically MEOR is the introduction or cultivation of bacteria in an oil reservoir in order to increase the amount of recoverable oil.

EOR causes the production of a variety of organically derived substances and environments that are established and proven Enhanced Recovery techniques

How EOR Works

Prosurf 342 manipulates the conditions within the well and causes the bacteria (either insitu or introduced) to act in the following ways;

Secrete bio-surfactants and bio- polymers that lower the surface interfacial tension of the water, allowing for a more comprehensive oil water split.Restore the initial gas drive to the well. Increasing the gas drive through respiration and fermentation will allow for increased oil lift as well as reduced oil viscosity. Metabolize carbon atoms from the interior of an alkaline chain, reducing viscosity of the substance to be pumped, with no apparent degradation of the aromatic ring structure.Form biofilms which act to selectively plug porous pathways and actively lift oil attached to rock structures

Out compete unwanted bacterial species which promote unfavourable well conditions.

The advantages of Proven EOR

An oil well is a hostile environment for any organism to survive in, let alone thrive. Extremes of temperature, pressure, ph, an array of toxic organic chemicals and an abundance of heavy metals mean that only bacteria with unique abilities are able to survive.

Prosurf 342 is uniquely formulated to withstand the inhospitable nature of an oil well. The bacteria present within the product have been carefully chosen and expertly cultured in order to provide the optimum blend for success under any particular well conditions. The bacteria exhibit relatively high growth rates and thus are quickly able to make contributions to the rapid establishment of an effective biomass within the well.

The precise role that each strain of bacteria plays is dictated by the natural population selection mechanism. This is determined by the well characteristics and the design configuration of the treatment plan.

The success of the treatment plan involving the application of the product is dictated by the competitive nature of the bacteria.

In order for the bacteria contained within to establish a highly effective population it is essential that best operating practices be employed prior to and during the application of product.

As part of our unparalleled service we undertake thorough sample taking and laboratory testing. This is to identify the areas that need to be addressed, with regards to well limiting factors, and allow us to tailor the Prosurf blend to the specific well conditions. We will offer onsite application advice and support at all times before, during and after the application process.

For more technical information on EOR please see our presentation below :