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Chemiphase drain cleaning range is a collection of products and tools designed to remove blockages and clean drains in various settings. Whether it's a clogged kitchen sink, bathroom drain, or a larger commercial drainage system, these products can help clear the pipes and restore proper drainage. Here are some of teh types of products Chemiphase manufacture in our drain cleaning range:

  • Drain Cleaners: Liquid or gel drain cleaners contain powerful chemicals that dissolve organic materials, grease, hair, and other debris causing blockages in drains.
  • Enzyme / Biological Drain Cleaners: Enzyme-based drain cleaners use natural bacteria and enzymes to break down organic materials and clear drain blockages.Plungers: 
  • Bio-Cleaning Products: Environmentally friendly drain cleaners that use natural ingredients to break down and remove blockages.
  • Drain Maintenance Products: Products that can be used regularly to prevent the build-up of debris and maintain free-flowing drains.
  • Grease Trap Cleaners: Specific products designed to clean and maintain grease traps in commercial kitchens and food service establishments.

A well-stocked drain cleaning range provides a variety of solutions for different types of drain blockages and helps keep drainage systems in proper working condition. When using drain cleaning products, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines carefully. For more stubborn or complex drainage issues, seeking professional help from a plumber or drain cleaning service may be necessary to ensure effective and safe results.

  • ODOURSOLV - Heavy Duty Re-Odouriser

    Odoursolv - Heavy Duty Odour Neutraliser

    Odoursolv - Heavy Duty Odour Neutraliser / Kennel Disinfectant Ideal for Drain & Sewer Odour Prevention Agent, Washrooms, Toilets, Waste Bins, Entrance Matting, Kennels etc. Odoursolv - odour neutraliser is designed to dispel foul...

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  • Drainklenz - Non Acid Pipe & Drain Cleaner

    DrainKlenz - Concentrated Drain Cleaner

      DrainKlenz - Non Acid Pipe & Drain Unblocker / Drain Cleaner DrainKlenz is a powerful non-acid drain cleaner formulated to remove organic drain blockages. It is effective on grease, oil, soap, hair, vegetable and organic matter. DrainKlenz...

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  • CHECKMATE - Grease and Odour Treatment for Drains

    Checkmate - Liquid Grease & Odour Chemical

    Checkmate - Liquid Grease Remover / Drain Cleaner Checkmate chemical drain cleaner is a revolutionary modern and safe solution with dealing with grease and odour problems.  It is highly effective at removing build-ups of grease even when...

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  • Drum mounted fogging machine

    Automatic Drum Mounted Fog Machine

      DESCRIPTION OF FOG MACHINE Drum Mounted Fog machines are designed for users with larger fogging requirements and provide a complete system that is cost effective and reliable solution when treating large areas for a long period of time. Fog...