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Chemiphase Pool flocculation Range is used to improve water clarity and remove suspended particles from swimming pool water. 

Chemiphase Pool Flocculation Range

Pool Flocculation: Flocculation is a process used to clump together fine particles, such as dirt, debris, and small algae, into larger and denser particles called flocs. These flocs are easier to remove from the water through pool filtration or vacuuming. Flocculants are chemical compounds used in this process to aid in the formation of larger flocs.

Here's how pool flocculation works:

  • The flocculant is added to the pool water, typically in a diluted form.
  • The flocculant molecules attract and bind to the suspended particles in the water, forming larger flocs.
  • These larger flocs quickly sink to the bottom of the pool or become large enough to be trapped by the pool's filtration system.
  • After the particles have settled or been filtered out, the pool water appears clearer.

Pool flocculation is especially useful when the water is cloudy due to fine particles that are not effectively removed by regular pool filtration. It is commonly used as a clarifying treatment after heavy pool use, storms, or when the water has become excessively turbid.

  • ChemFloc - Liquid Flocculant for Pools - 5 Litres

    ChemFloc - Liquid Pool Flocculant, Pool Floc

    ChemFloc – Liquid Pool Flocculant Chemfloc is a liquid pool flocculant which is heavy duty treatment for swimming pools which is highly effective and a good alternative to granular flocculant. ChemFloc does not require any pre-dissolving and will...

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