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Odoursolv - Heavy Duty Odour Neutraliser

Odoursolv - Heavy Duty Odour Neutraliser

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Odoursolv - Heavy Duty Odour Neutraliser / Kennel Disinfectant

Ideal for Drain & Sewer Odour Prevention Agent, Washrooms, Toilets, Waste Bins, Entrance Matting, Kennels etc.

Odoursolv - odour neutraliser is designed to dispel foul and offensive odours, both indoors and out, leaving a fresh, clean fragrance.  Odoursolv is supplied as a bulk concentrate produced from special blends of natural ingredients and biodegradable surfactants, and due to their high strength should be diluted with water before use, providing an exceptionally economical method of freshening air. Odoursolv also contains a disinfectant which will actively disinfect and breakdown the bacteria that have caused the odour.

Odoursolv can be sued through a sprayer or fogging machine, can be wiped over surfaces, or can be poured into drains, sinks, urinals and toilets.  Odoursolv is ideal for use in sewage treatment plants, slurry lagoons, manholes, refuse bins, skips and tips.  Odoursolv can be added to cleaning solutions for use on floors and surfaces to leave a fresh fragrance, and can be also be used, well diluted, on their own as light duty cleaners/

Odoursolv is a heavy duty re-odouriser commonly used in drainage and sewer systems. The concentrated formula attacks bacteria, neutralising the source of the smell. Odoursolv can be used neat, diluted to a ratio of 50:1 or in conjunction with a fogging machine. We recommend this product to Industrial maintenance, Steel fabricators, Aircraft and Mining equipment, Plant hire companies, Chemical Plants, Oilfield Production sites, Transport Companies, Pipeline companies and many other industrial maintenance sections.

Uses and Applications of Odoursol - Odour Neutraliser

  • Odoursolv is a heavy duty re-odoursiser commonly used in drain and sewerage systems
  • Odoursolv will remove strong un-wanted smells
  • Odoursolv is very effective in food production areas where odours are a concern
  • Odoursolv can be used neat / diluted up to 250:1 with water / fogging machine for larger areas
  • Odoursolv contains a bactericide which will penetrate the cause of odour and break down bacteria
  • Odoursolv can be sprayed around affected areas with up to 50 parts cold water.
  • Can be pumped around sewage plants using aerial fogging systems.

Safety of Odour Neutraliser

Before handling, read the Material Safety Data Sheet and container label for safe use, physical and health hazard information.

Storage and Shelf Life

When stored between 10 and 40oC in the original unopened container,

Odoursolv odour neutraliser has a shelf life of 36 months from the date of manufacture.  Odoursolv Odour neutraliser must be stored away from children.

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