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Hydroflux™ Oilfield Demulsifiers

Chemiphase manufacture Hydroflux™ demulsifier which is a wide range of emulsifier's and demulsifiers for oilfield production. Hydroflux is used in oily water treatment and tight oil in water emulsions.  Every oilfield is as unique as its locations differ, for this reason we have developed a wide range of Hydroflux demulsifiers which maximise the results possible.

This is determined from on site analysis of crude, Hydroflux demulsifier testing on site and then fully re-checked back in the laboratory to ensure that our product we reccommend is the best possible fit. Once a product has been recommended we offer on-site technical assistance for the product dosage rates and application points. This on-site technical service will continue to ensure that the product remains the best solution as the oilfield changes over the years.

The Hydroflux range are oil soluble products that destabilise water in oil emulsions. Normally used to dehydrate crude oil. The Hydroflux range has been proven to be effective on a range of crude oils located around Europe. The range is particulary cost effective in breaking tight emulsions that occur either naturally or by the addition of chemical additives deemed to improve oil production. The range can be used in many oilfield systems and situations concerned with oil/water emulsions.

The Hydroflux range is normally dosed continuously at a point of good mixing to achieve good oil dehydration. To ensure optimum oil/water seperation our range should be added as near to the point of the oil flowing from the well. Typical dilutions for our range are between 5 - 200 ppm

Guidance on determining the correct demulsifier for your application

An oilfield demulsifier is a chemical used in the oil and gas industry to separate water from oil. When oil is extracted from underground reservoirs, it often contains significant amounts of water, which can reduce the quality of the oil and make it more difficult to transport and refine. Demulsifiers are used to break up the emulsions, or mixtures of oil and water, and facilitate the separation of the two substances.

Oilfield demulsifiers work by disrupting the chemical bonds that hold the water and oil together in an emulsion. They typically contain a combination of surfactants and co-surfactants that are designed to adsorb onto the oil-water interface, creating a barrier that prevents the water and oil droplets from coalescing.

The specific type of demulsifier used will depend on a variety of factors, including the characteristics of the oil and water, the temperature and pressure conditions in the reservoir, and the requirements of the refining process. Some demulsifiers are designed to work quickly, breaking up emulsions in a matter of minutes, while others are slower acting and may require several hours to achieve complete separation.

Once the emulsion has been broken up, the water and oil can be separated using a variety of techniques, including gravity separation, centrifugation, or electrostatic separation. The separated water is typically treated to remove any remaining traces of oil, while the oil is transported to a refinery for further processing.

Overall, oilfield demulsifiers are an essential component of the oil and gas industry, helping to improve the quality of extracted oil and make it more efficient and cost-effective to transport and refine.

Fast Treat Demulsifier Range

We also manufacture a bespoke demulsifier range where the product is required to be very fast acting in application.  The demulsifier must be suitable for pumping in climates ranging from -10 degC to +55 degC.  Typically this type of demulsifer is used by our Middle East clients where high flow, low dosage rates are required. 

Typical Operating Parameters for Fast Treat Demulsifier Range

  • Typical API gravity levels can be between 28-33 with water cut levels up to 40%.
  • Salt < 30 PTB, BS&W <0.1%, RVP 8-10 psia
  • GOR = 700 SCF/BBL

For information on the demulsifier Hydrofluxrange or to request samples or an on-site free bottle test analysis please contact us.