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Mineral Diesel Additives

Chemiphase manufacture a range of mineral diesel additives which have been designed to improve the fuel quality of mineral diesel.  In the range of the best diesel fuel additives our products have been proven to improve mpg of diesel, diesel biocides to control bacterial growth in diesel, cold flow improvers for cold weather protection for diesel and many more.  For more information on our range of diesel additives, please see below :


  • Coldflow 2000 - Prevents Diesel Fuel Freezing & Improves Cold Start Performance 5 Litre

    Coldflow 2000 - Petroleum Diesel Cold Flow Improver

    A Diesel Fuel anti-gel which will enable you to operate in sub-zero temperatures Operators of diesel vehicles in exposed or northerly locations are familiar with the problems caused by fuel "gelling" in the winter. At low temperatures the ever present...