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Processflux™ Oil Refinery Chemicals

Processflux™ is a range of highly effective Oil Refinery Chemicals which are used in the oil refining process, chemical process management and water treatment systems of a refinery. Processflux™ are used extensively Worldwide to ensure operation efficiency and are cost effective.  Chemiphase is a unique oilfield chemical company when compared to other oilfield chemical companies because all products are tested on-site and the re-tested in alboratory conditions to ensure effectiveness as part of our oil field services.

The Processflux™ oil refinery chemicals range has been designed to increase the final finished fuels marketability and quality of crude oils that pass through the refinery. By increasing the plant efficiency and reducing the plant and equipment maintenance problems the Processflux™ range is been proven to improve quality and performance.

Processflux™ oil refinery chemicals will maximise plant operations and reduce refinery maintenance costs.

Part of the Processflux™ range are designed with environmental impacts in mind. Our formulations have been shown to be inherently biodegradable. None of them are considered to be bio accumulating.

When determining the correct Processflux™ Treatment by the Chemiphase Technical Team, the following parameters will be assessed :

  • Design of system and typical flow rates.
  • Operating Temperatures
  • Contact Time & Mixing Available
  • Analysis of Carrying Fluid 
Desalting Optimisation Chemical Range
Processflux CT-C18-08
Demulsifier designed for Desalting Operations & Water Removal
Processflux CT-C18-10
Demulsifier designed for Desalting Operations & Water Removal
Processflux CT-C18-17
Demulsifier designed for Desalting Operations & Water Removal
Processflux CT-C18-17
De-Oiler designed for to increase Oil Removal from Wastewater Stream


Pipeline Flow Improvers Chemical Range 
Processflux CT-C71-00
Drag Reducer
Crude Oil Pipeline Drag Reducer
Processflux CT-C71-01
Drag Reducer
Crude Oil Pipeline Drag Reducer
Processflux CT-C71-02
Flow Improver
Process Pipeline Flow Improver for Crude Oil
Processflux CT-C71-03
Flow Improver
Process Pipeline Flow Improver for Crude Oil
Processflux CT-C71-04
Drag Reducer
Crude Oil Pipeline Drag Reducer
Fuel Treatment - Boiler & Oil Fired Heaters 
Processflux CT-C73-00
Corrosion Inhibitor
High temperature corrosion control for heaters, furnaces & superheaters
Processflux CT-C73-01
Fuel Stabiliser
Fuel stabilisers and anitoxidant package
Processflux CT-C73-02
Combustion Improver
Reduces burner tip fouling and increases comustion rates
Processflux CT-C73-03
Slag & Ash Fouling
Reduces slag and ash fouling of furnaces and heaters
Processflux CT-C73-04
Corrosion Inhibitor
Corrosion inhibitor 
Fouling Control 
Processflux CT-C75-00
Crude Antifoulant
Processflux CT-C75-01
Naptha Hydrotreater
Antifoulant for fouling concerns in NHT preheat sytems
Processflux CT-C75-02
Metal Deactivator
Metal Deactivator for Crude Oil Fouling
Processflux CT-C75-03
Allows recovery of valuable hydrocarbons and minimises sludge
Processflux CT-C75-04
Corrosion Inhibitor
Corrosion inhibitor 
Corrosion Control 
Processflux CT-C17-04
Corrosion Inhibitor
High Temperature profile corrosion inhibitor - Sulfidic Corrosion
Processflux CT-C17-05
Corrosion Inhibitor
High Temperature profile corrosion inhibitor - Non Aqueous Napththenic
Processflux CT-C17-06
Corrosion Inhibitor
Corrosion Inhibitor
Processflux CT-C53-04
Corrosion Filmer
Overhead Corrosion Control Filmer
Processflux CT-C53-002
Corrosion Neutraliser
Overhead Neutraliser for pH and Corrosion Control
Benefits of Processflux™ Treatments
  • The Processflux™ range help oilfield refinery companies reduce non productive time for their operations by improving efficiency and downme for equipment and maintenance issues. 
  • Processflux™ will increase energy efficiency, reduce hydrocarbon and greenhouse gas emissions whilst maintaining environmental compliance. 
  • Processflux™ have been used in the toughest environmental controlled areas adhering to strict regulations.
  • Processflux™ refinery treatments maximise plant operations by improving feedstock flexibility, improving and maximising the throughput through the plant, meetng the crude oil & finished fuel specifications.
  • Processflux™ are designed in a state of the art laboratory in the Uk where our scientists are constantly evolving and creating the latest techniques and refining treatments.
  • Processflux™ include process emulsion breaking, corrosion, fouling, and foam-control technologies. Plus, we have programs for treating and managing cooling water, boilers, raw water, and wastewater treatment.
  • Chemiphase is commited to providing the highest quality products and services to its customers. Many of the products are produced in Lancashire, UK where the sites adheres to strict ISO:9001 standards.
The Chemiphase Treatment Procedure & Safety Commitment
  1. On site analysis usually bottle testing & then fully re-analyse back in the laboratory to ensure that the product that Chemiphase recommend is the best possible fit, highly effective, safe & cost effective.
  2. Once a product has been recommended we offer on-site technical assistance for the product dosage rates and application points. This will include regular monthly site visits to ensure customer satisfaction.
  3. This on-site technical service will continue to ensure that the product remains the best solution as the oilfield changes over the years.
  4. At Chemiphase we take great pride in offering green, environmentally sustainable chemical solutions and as such all the products in the range are produced using environmentally friendly methods and where possible, are formulated to be fully biodegradable.
  5. All our chemical ranges are formulated by our highly trained and vastly experienced chemists and are put through rigorous in house testing in our purpose built research and development laboratory. We subject our chemical ranges to the most stringent of testing to make sure our customers receive the best products, whilst also satisfying our need for constant product improvement.
For information on the Processfluxrange or to request samples or an on-site free bottle test analysis please contact us.