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Processflux™ Oil Refinery Chemicals

Processflux™ is a range of highly effective Oil Refinery Chemicals which are used in the oil refining process, chemical process management and water treatment systems of a refinery. Processflux™ are used extensively Worldwide to ensure operation efficiency and are cost effective.  Chemiphase is a unique oilfield chemical company when compared to other oilfield chemical companies because all products are tested on-site and the re-tested in alboratory conditions to ensure effectiveness as part of our oil field services.

The Processflux™ oil refinery chemicals range has been designed to increase the final finished fuels marketability and quality of crude oils that pass through the refinery. By increasing the plant efficiency and reducing the plant and equipment maintenance problems the Processflux™ range is been proven to improve quality and performance.

Processflux™ oil refinery chemicals will maximise plant operations and reduce refinery maintenance costs.

Part of the Processflux™ range are designed with environmental impacts in mind. Our formulations have been shown to be inherently biodegradable. None of them are considered to be bio accumulating.

When determining the correct Processflux™ Treatment by the Chemiphase Technical Team, the following parameters will be assessed :

  • Design of system and typical flow rates.
  • Operating Temperatures
  • Contact Time & Mixing Available
  • Analysis of Carrying Fluid

For information on the Processfluxrange or to request samples or an on-site free bottle test analysis please contact us.