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Oilfield Chemicals

Chemiphase manufacture a range of oilfield chemicals & Oilfield supplies that are used upstream and downstream in oil production and refinement.  Chemiphase is a unique when compared to other oilfield companies as all of our oilfield chemicals are designed specifically for our customers field requirements by our in house technical specialists. All Chemicals manufactured by Chemiphase are designed in laboratories and tested in the field to ensure effectiveness.

Our chemicals are applied specifically to provide economical cost effective solutions and to allow increases in productivity, cost reductions and HS&E benefits to our clients. At Chemiphase we pride ourselves not only on the chemicals we design, manufacture and effectively apply in the field, but on our commitment to customer service through continuous evaluation and improvement of our processes, products and services. A variety of chemicals mainly of an organic nature are used in enhancing production of oil and gas and mitigating problems associated with the production of oil and gas.  For more information on our chemical range please contact us.