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Paraflux™ Oilfield Wax & Paraffin Control

Paraflux is a range of highly effective paraffin wax dissolver, wax dissolvers and asphaltene control agents designed for oilfield operating applications. The Chemiphase range of oil field chemicals offer unique solutions to individual requirements.  Every oilfield is as unique as its locations differ, for this reason we have developed a wide range of treatments which offer outstanding performance & reduced treating costs with a smoother operation.

This is determined from on site analysis of wax/paraffin/asphaltene testing on site and then fully re-checked back in the laboratory to ensure that the product we recommend is the best possible fit. Once a product has been recommended we offer on-site technical assistance for the product dosage rates and application points. This on-site technical service will continue to ensure that the product remains the best solution as the oilfield changes over the years.

Part of the Paraflux range are designed with environmental impacts in mind.  Our formulations have been shown to be inherently biodegradable.  None of them are considered to be bioaccumulating.

Benefits of Paraflux
  • The Parafluxrange has been proven to increase open flow potential for oil where wax, paraffin and asphaltene problems exist.   Paraflux has been proven  to be effective Worldwide producing drier oil, cleaner water and a sharper interface.
  • Paraflux will quickly & effectively dissolve the paraffin and wax build ups down hole and on pipework.  Paraflux prevents reformation using its unique crystal modifier and additives which holds the asphaltenes and paraffin's in suspense which stops accumulation downhole in perforations, pumps, tubing and rods.
  • Typical results show in excess of three months of zero wax and paraffin build up ( results have shown on some wells this can be in excess of 12 months) when the well or pipeline is treated with the Paraflux range
  • Paraflux has a specially formulated coating agent which prevents paraffin and wax from settling on pipework. This reduces the negative effects of wax build up with downhole operations, pipelines and on strings and has been shown to increase productivity and flow potential.
  • Paraflux will improve water quality with fewer hot oiling and pigging operations and is safe to handle and store and environmentally responsible.
For information on the Parafluxrange or to request samples or an on-site free bottle test please contact us.