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General boiler cleaning and descaling of a boiler, heat exchanger, cooling tower and associated pipework is an essential part of maintaining a efficient heating system. From our testwork and analysis we have determined that the only method for removing scale deposits in the system is by acid washing. Hardwater scale in boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers and in the case of a steam boiler can cause the system to become dangerously unstable as well as reduced efficiency. To clean these surfaces back to their original standard, an acid wash is required. Our boiler cleaning products below are designed to aid the cleaning of boiler systems, heat exchangers, cooling towers and associated pipework but if you need more information and technical advice on our boiler cleaning chemicals from our experienced team, please do contact us.

  • Boiler Alkalinity Builder CP 9065 - 20 Litres

    CP 9065 - Boiler Alkalinity Builder

      Chemiphase CP-9065 is an hydroxide boiler alkalinity builder. It is formulated to raise the pH and the caustic alkalinity of the boiler water thereby minimising corrosion and scale in deposition. Typical Physical Properties Appearance...

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  • Boiler Cleaning Agent CP 9095 manufactured by Chemiphase - 20 Litres

    CP 9095 - Boiler Cleaner Agent

    Chemiphase CP-9095 boiler cleaner is formulated to clean out Boiler Systems and Feedwater, Condensate Lines.  CP 9095 boiler cleaner is part of the boiler treatment chemicals range we manufacture in the UK.  CP 9095 is an...

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  • 20 Litre Container of CP 9050 - Boiler Sludge Conditioner

    CP 9050 - Boiler Sludge Conditioner

    Chemiphase CP-9050 boiler sludge treatment is an aqueous solution of synthetic co-polymers and environmental dispersants. It is formulated to condition any debris entering the boiler thereby preventing deposition, and also to aid removal of...

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