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CP 9095 - Boiler Cleaner Agent

CP 9095 - Boiler Cleaner Agent

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Boiler Treatment Chemical
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Chemiphase CP-9095 boiler cleaner is formulated to clean out Boiler Systems and Feedwater, Condensate Lines.  CP 9095 boiler cleaner is part of the boiler treatment chemicals range we manufacture in the UK.  CP 9095 is an essential boiler water treatment chemical when boiler cleaning is required. The product is applied when the boiler is new to remove scale and mill stone grit.  CP-9095 boiler cleaner can also be used to clean out dirty boilers as part of a regular boiler cleaning programme.

Typical Physical Properties

  • Appearance Colourless aqueous solution
  • pH 8.0 - 13.0
  • S.G. 1.05 - 1.12

Chemical Description of CP 9095 Boiler Cleaner

CP-9095 boiler cleaner is an aqueous solution of organic phosphonates, phosphates organic dispersants in an alkaline solution.

Product Application

CP-9095 is dosed to the feed water system. Dose rate is dependent on volume of dirtiness and the degree of hardness fouling in the boiler. The Chemiphase Water Treatment Consultant
will advise treatment levels and the period of time required to boil out the plant to achieve optimum descaling.

CP-9095 boiler cleaner is formulated to extend the life of boiler water plant .

Typical Dosage Rate 10-50 litres of product per 1000 litres of boiler/steaming capacity.

Easy to dose - either manually or by pump and timer.

Features and Benefits

CP-9095 is a boiler cleaner formulated to protect and clean out boiler plant equipment.

Material Compatibility

CP-9095 boiler cleaner is dosed separately from other water treatment products. Contact with metals should be avoided as the product will cause corrosion of most metals in its neat state.


When stored between 10 and 40oC in the original unopened container, C P 9095 has a shelf life of 36 months from the date of manufacture.


CP 9095 boiler cleaner is available in 20 Litre & 200 Litre & 1000 Litre IBC Containers.

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