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TechBrite TFR - Traffic Film Remover

TechBrite TFR - Traffic Film Remover

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TechBrite TFR- Truck Wash Chemicals - Traffic Film Remover

Techbrite is a concentrated blend of detergents and sequestrates, specifically formulated traffic film remover, oil and grease remover and will also remove general soiling from all types of vehicles. Techbrite is highly concentrated and can be diluted with up to 50 parts of water. Techbrite is an excellent truck wash chemical.

Techbrite is a traffic film remover with a combination of surface active agents, sequestrants and alkaline builders designed for use in the cleaning of vehicles by hot or cold pressure wash equipment. Techbrite is used as a truck wash chemicals and is an outstanding product for use in hot and cold pressure wash equipment for vehicle cleaning. Techbrite traffic film remover will remove normal dirt,  grease remover and also a traffic film remover without the requirement of mechanical agitation.  Techbrite can also be used as a jet wash chemical.

Features of Techbrite TFR - Traffic Film Remover

  1. Uniquely formulated with carefully chosen surfactants and dispersants.
  2. pH Balanced product to suit all vehicle washing constraints.
  3. The product contains specific dispersants for dissolving grease, oil, diesel and removing carbon and grime deposits.
  4. Environmentally friendly.

Benefits of using Techbrite TFR Truck wash Chemicals

  • TechBrite removes the need for mechanical agitation.
  • TechBrite rapidly lifts, disperses and removes traffic film.
  • It is completely miscible with water and has no adverse effects on paintwork.
  • Using the product will cut down labour time spent on cleaning coachwork, chassis and engines.
  • TechBrite is the product that is probably one of the most economical and cost effective Traffic Film Removers on the market.

How To Use Techbrite TFR - Traffic Film Remover

Dilute the product up to 50:1 or 1-2% at the machine using fresh water.

Techbrite TFR must be stored away from children.

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