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Automatic Drain Dosing Pump for Fat & Grease

Automatic Drain Dosing Pump for Fat & Grease

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Automatic Drain Dosing Pump For Continuous Fat & Grease Treatment in Drains

For use with "Greaseeater" kitchen enzyme grease trap and drain degreaser or "Checkmate" the chemical solution to drain blockages & Odours.

How does it work

The DN3 drain dosing pump will dispense a pre-determined volume of Greaseeater / Checkmate into the drainage system at pre set times. The timing is critical as detergents and bleaches can destroy the bacteria in Greaseater if they are flowing through the drainage system at the same time.

  • Greaseeater - The Biological Approach is able to remove fat and grease deposits because it contains millions of naturally occurring micro-organisms, which degrade fats and grease leaving the drainage system flowing and odour free.

  • Checkmate - The Chemical Approach is able to chemically break down fat and grease deposits. Checkmate has a unique molecular construction which, combined with its natural anti-bacterial and fungal disinfection action, will neutralise malodours without the residual aromas associated with common masking agents.

Flexible Drain Dosing Pump

It is recommended that the Greaseeater is dispensed at a time when the drainage system is not being used. To accommodate this requirement the DN3 provides 9 programmes allowing you to set individual times per day, the same set times Monday to Friday, the same set times Monday to Sunday, or different times for week days and weekends.

Easy to install

The DN3 drain dosing pump can be supplied mains or battery operated. The mains version will require a 3 amp electrical supply. To ensure maximum results it is recommended that the DN3 outlet is connected to the waste pipe after the last discharge point (usually a sink) just ahead of any grease trap. If there is no grease trap the unit should be connected to the waste pipe after the P trap. Adjustable pipe fittings for use with the DN3 are available.

  • The DN3 is supplied with 1 x 2m clear PVC tubing

  • 1x base connector
  • Rugged
  • The IP66 Polycarbonate enclosure provides protection against water ingress and high temperature environments

*Please state whether you want the mains or battery operated*



Greaseater - Biological Treatment for Drain Treatment


Checkmate - Chemical Treatment for Drain Treatment



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