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Checkmate - Liquid Grease & Odour Chemical

Checkmate - Liquid Grease & Odour Chemical

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Checkmate - Liquid Grease & Odour Chemical Drain Cleaner

Checkmate chemical drain cleaner is a revolutionary modern and safe solution with dealing with grease and odour problems.  It is highly effective at removing build-ups of grease even when diluted with up to 20:1 parts water.  At dilutions of 50:1 it will immediately kill obnoxious smells at source.  This formulation is a unique triple blend of castor, sugar and coconut oil derivatives which produces a highly biodegradable, versatile product.  It is the unusual shape and size of the molecules in Checkmate and the natural anti-bacterial and fungal disinfection action which can attract and neutralise many types of objectionable smells, especially when dealing with waste, rubbish and effluent.

Checkmate chemical drain cleaner is the natural system for resolving problems caused by odour and grease. It is totally free of all chlorinated solvents such as ODCB. The formulation consists of environmentally friendly derivatives producing a biodegradable, versatile product. Checkmate will emulsify fats and greases and prevents re-depositing. It is highly effective yet causes no pollution. Checkmate has a unique molecular construction which, combined with its natural anti-bacterial and fungal disinfection action, will neutralise malodours without the residual aromas associated with common masking agents. Checkmate chemical drain cleaner is ideal for use in effluent systems, drains, gullies, sewage treatment, skips, refuse vehicles, in fact anywhere where grease and odours are a problem. Checkmate can be dosed manually by dosing system or by drip feed.

Benefits of chemical drain cleaner

  • Non polluting
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents, Lipophilic, Non flammable,
  • Biodegradable,
  • Manufactured with naturally occurring resources,
  • Non hazardous,
  • Emulsifiable
  • Environmentally safe,
  • Rapidly softens & liquifies grease & fats,
  • Will not re-deposit grease & fats,
  • No fire risk,
  • Attracts & neutralises malodours

How To Use - Management of problems caused by grease & odours

  • Catering and Industry - Checkmate is ideal for use in kitchens, canteens, and manufacturing plants, to keep drains and grease traps clear, to remove smells and treat effluent.  It is also ideally suited for removing grease and fats from floors, surfaces, sinks, food processing machinery and equipment, refuse bins, lorries, waste chutes etc.  and for removing smells from rotting and decaying food matter, foul drains, rancid fats, fish waste and meat residues.
  • Sewage - Spray Checkmate directly on to build ups of grease in pump wells, skimmers, settlement tanks, grease traps etc. Then dose by pump or drip feed to maintain control. Dosage will depend on each individual application and will be assessed according to technical data.
  • Sewage / Effluent - 10 Litres neat Checkmate per million litres of solids. Dose by pump or drip feed.
  • Filter Beds - Apply 2-5 Litres neat Checkmate per million litres flow rate.
  • Slurry - Apply 1 Litre neat Checkmate per 1000 Litres (I.C. Mtr)
  • Refuse Trucks, waste chutes etc. Dilute up to 20:1 to clean down and control odours.
  • Landfill Sites - Dilute up to 50:1 and spray 2 Litres per square meter.

Dosing pumps

An automatic dosing pump is also available for use with Checkmate chemical drain cleaner.

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