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Bioboost 1000- Biodiesel Cetane Improver

Bioboost 1000- Biodiesel Cetane Improver

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Bioboost 1000 - Biodiesel Cetane Enhancer - "Increases Power & Performance of Your Biodiesel"

Bioboost 1000 will improve biodiesel Performance + Power by increasing the Cetane rating of your biodiesel. Users will feel a definite increase in throttle power and starting in mornings, where previous untreated biodiesel felt sluggish. Bioboost 1000 is effective with all types of biodiesel. Bioboost 1000 is an effective additive for the biodiesel producer, as it allows you to offer premium grade Biodiesel that is just as powerful as standard diesel, at Biodiesel prices.

Typical biodiesel cetane dilution rates of 750 ppm of Bioboost 1000 is added to your fuel for normal operations. If necessary, Bioboost 1000 can be used at stronger concentrations, as high as 1000 ppm, where an initial clean up is required. Bioboost 1000 should be added prior to delivery of fuel, to ensure good mixing is achieved in bulk tank quantities. Should you need to add the Bioboost 1000 to the vehicle, simply pour in the correct amount and allow agitation of the vehicle to do the mixing.

Benefits of using Bioboost 1000 and improving the cetane of your biodiesel

  • Increased Power + Performance from produced biodiesel
  • Increased Cetane Rating
  • Increased lubricity and therefore reduced engine wear
  • Reduced foaming when transferring
  • Improved Fuel Stability
  • Avoids Corrosion of engine and tank
  • Aids in dispersing insoluble gums
  • Knocks water out of fuel rapidly

Common Questions & Answers

  1. What is a biodiesel cetane improver? - It is an additive that raises the cetane number.
  2. What does a high cetane number indicate? - It indicates a shorter ignition delay and is regarded as more desirable than low cetane. The higher the number the shorter the delay.
  3. What is a biodiesel cetane number? - It is a measurement of the length of time from fuel injection until the combustion process begins. It is not a measurement of fuel economy, power or combustion smoothness.
  4. How is cetane measured? - A standard CRC laboratory engine test (run pursuant to ASTM D613) is used to measure cetane. The test requires a skilled operator and an engine that performs well.
  5. What is ignition delay? - It is the time between the start of injection and when combustion begins (or when ignition occurs). Biodiesel cetane should be stored away from children.




3 Reviews
  • 5

    Posted by Paolo on 11th Sep 2014

    Good product it resolve the flashpoint problem so my bio can run without problems

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Sep 2013

    Excellent product. Arrived promptly, thank you. Will order again.

  • 4
    Brilliant Quality & Packaging

    Posted by Janos Kanalas on 7th Mar 2011

    The quality is brilliant,the packaging is safe and the delivery is fast, but a little too expensive.
    I am very happy with the service, every time I order from you guys.
    Thank you

    Janos Kanalas

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