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Bio-Control 41 - Anti-bacteria Biodiesel

Bio-Control 41 - Anti-bacteria Biodiesel

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Bio-Control 41- Biodiesel - "Will Ensure Your Biodiesel Remains Stable & Bacteria Free"

Bio-Control 41 is a biodiesel additive is specifically designed to control microbial growth in biodiesel where storing and distributing are necessary. Bio-Control 41 is simple to add and is an excellent method of providing assurances of fuel stability and reduced corrosion issues. Bio-Control 41 can be used on all types of biodiesel and is effective when dosing to fresh biodiesel, a batch which has a medium / high level of bacterial growth, or even when biodiesel tank has high levels of slime and bacterial growth and needs heavily de-contaminating.

Microbial growth occurs in both conventional oil-based fuel and biofuels. Biodiesel blends have dramatically increased the severity of the problems caused by microbial growth. For the production of bacteria it needs oxygen, water and nutrients. No fuel is 100% free of water and if to much water exists then microbial growth will occur at a very high rate and can result in a variety of problems including blocked filters, injection fouling and corrosion.

Bio-Control 41 biodiesel additive is designed to correct this issue, through regular additive treatment or shock dosing contaminated fuel.

Benefits of biodiesel additives

  • Will help reduce tank corrosion
  • Will reduce odours from the biodiesel.
  • Prevent large deposits of bacterial growth within the biodiesel which cause filter blockages.

Application of biodiesel additives

General - Bio-Control 41 needs to be added between 5 deg C and 50 deg C and will need to be mixed thoroughly to ensure full activation of product. Bio-Control 41 will need a reasonable contact time for maximising product effectiveness. We recommend adding after the reaction stage, when biodiesel is cooling after it has been filtered and is being transferred to storage tank via high velocity pump to aid mixing.

(Recommended Dilution Rate; 500 to 2000ppm- 0.5L to 2.0L- per 1000 Litres Of Biodiesel)

Medium / High Levels of Bacterial Growth - We recommend draining the tank to a 1/4 full. Drain any excess water in tank. Remove any sludge and slime deposits on the sides of the tank and clean as best possible. Add the correct dilution rate of between 500 and 2000 ppm (0.5 to 2.0 Litres per 1000 Liters of Biodiesel) Bio-Control 41 for the maximum capacity of the tank. Once Bio-Control 41 has been added begin filling the tank with biodiesel as normal. Once tank has been filled, drain off any excess water deposits and leave tank to stand for at least 24 hours for its contact period. Once all completed, fuel is ready for use.

How water Gets into fuel

  1. Biodiesel when manufactured is in-adequately dried during the production process.
  2. Free breathing area at the top of the storage tanks
  3. Transferring biodiesel from production to storage tank
  4. Delivering to customer tanks

Treatment Recommendations

  • Rigorous removal of free water + good housekeeping methods
  • Regular dosing of Bio-Control 41 biodiesel additive to help control microbial growth
  • Regular testing of biodiesel and records taken so you can monitor the bacterial levels and treat accordingly.
  • Reduce free area in storage tanks for as long as possible
  • Biodiesel additives are dangerous chemicals and must be stored away from children.
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    Good Service

    Posted by LR Porter on 7th Mar 2011

    Good, rapid delivery. Reasonable price. Very poor, non-functioning email comms.

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