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ColdBoost 590 - Cold Flow & Performance Biodiesel Production Additive

ColdBoost 590 - Cold Flow & Performance Biodiesel Production Additive

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ColdBoost 590 - Biodiesel Winter Additive & Biodiesel Cetane Enhancer Synthesis

ColdBoost 590 biodiesel production additive is a synthesis of two of our most popular biodiesel additives. Coldboost 590 contains both our world renowned biodiesel winter additive - Coldflow and our performance enhancing Bioboost additive which will increase both the cold starting properties and improve the mpg of all biodiesel blends.

ColdBoost 590 biodiesel production additive will prevent biodiesel blends from clouding and gelling at low temperatures. ColdBoost 590 is a biodiesel cold flow improver designed to be used from blends of Rapeseed Methyl Esters (RME), Used Cooking Oils (UCO), Waste Virgin Oils (WVO). ColdBoost 590 will improve biodiesel Performance + Power by increasing the Cetane rating of your biodiesel. Users will feel a definite increase in throttle power and starting in mornings, where previous untreated biodiesel felt sluggish.

ColdBoost 590 is highly effective on Biodiesel's made from :

  • Vegetable Oil waste/Virgin
  • Used Cooking Oil's
  • Rapeseed Oil waste/Virgin
  • Soybean Oil waste/Virgin
  • Mustard Seed Oil waste/Virgin
  • Algae Oil,
  • Recycled Oil's from restaurants, chip shops etc
  • Palm and Soy Based Oils

Benefits of Biodiesel Production Additives :

Coldflow 590 biodiesel production additive will significantly improve the cold weather performance of biodiesels. Coldflow 590 can be added 5 deg C above Biodiesel Cloud Point Mixing times vary depending on quality but generally a 10 minute mix with a re-circulation pump is more than sufficient. If a mixing paddle is used a 5 minute mix is sufficient. Coldflow 590 will prevent biodiesels made from RME, UCO, WVO blends from clouding and gelling at low temperatures to be added to fuel when temperature is above 55 deg C as product will flash off. Please note: should the biodiesel have other additives that are not supplied by Chemiphase Ltd then there may be further alterations to the predicted pour point. Increased Power + Performance from produced biodiesel, Increased Cetane Rating, Increased lubricity and therefore reduced engine wear. Reduced foaming when transferring, Improved Fuel stability, Corrosion inhibition of engine and tank Aids in dispersing insoluble gums Knocks water out of fuel rapidly.

How Biodiesel Production Additives Work:

Biodiesel will cloud like petroleum diesel fuel when the weather gets cold. Initially we see little crystals of wax forming and these crystals will begin to clog fuel filters. When it becomes colder still, the biodiesel will form into a gel that will eventually set solid. Depending on the type of oils used to make your biodiesel i.e. virgin vegetable seed oils have a lower pour-point (or CFPP -- Cold-Filter Plugging Point) than used cooking oil (UCO, WVO) mixtures. This is due to the level of saturation, or number of hydrogen atoms present. This is determined by the Iodine value. Generally the higher the Iodine value of the oil, the biodiesel esters produced will take on a lower pour point. To avoid this problem we suggest your produced biodiesel is treated with Coldflow 590 biodiesel production additive during all winter and spring months. Coldflow 590 has been specifically designed to modify the wax crystals, lowering the pour point of your bio-diesel fuel.

Dosage Rate:

Typical Dilution Rates of 4000ppm (4 Litres per 1000 Litres of Biodiesel) ColdBoost 590 must be added 5°C above Cloud Point of Biodiesel.

Pack Size  Cost to Add to Litre of Biodiesel   Container Price    Litres of Biodiesel Treated 
5 litre 3.8p £47.85 1,250 Litres of Biodiesel
20 Litre 2.9p £146.85 5000 Litres of Biodiesel
200 Litre 2.3p £1191.81 50,000 Litres of Biodiesel
1000 Litre  2.2p £5770.00 250,000 Litres of Biodiesel
*Based on 4000 ppm / 4 Litres per 1000 Litres of Biodiesel.  

 All biodiesel production additives must be stored away from children.

The information and all further technical advice is based on our present knowledge and experience. However, they imply no liability or other legal responsibility on our part, including with regards to existing third party intellectual property rights, especially patent rights. In particular, no warranty, whether express or implied of guarantee of product properties is intended or implied. We reserve the right to make any changes according to technological progress or further developments. The customer is not released from the obligation to conduct careful inspection and testing of incoming goods. Performance of the product described herein should be verified by testing, which should be carried out by qualified experts in the sole responsibility of the customer.