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Emulsion Breaker 2010 - Aids Water Removal From Biodiesel

Emulsion Breaker 2010 - Aids Water Removal From Biodiesel

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Emulsion Breaker 2010 Fuel Additives - High water Content Of Your Biodiesel?

Emulsion Breaker 2010 from Chemiphase range of fuel additives has been developed for the Biodiesel Water Washing Process.  This product will knock out stubborn emulsions and "rag layers" rapidly.  To achieve the best results with this product we recommend heating both the biodiesel and water above 55 deg C before adding the product, please ensure the EB 2010 is well mixed in the biodiesel.  To achieve the best results add the Emulsion Breaker 210 directly to the warm oil and then water wash the biodiesel.  Emulsion Breaker 210 will stay with the biodiesel layer constantly removing the water because it is an oil based product.  Emulsion Breaker 210 will have no adverse effects to your biodiesel and your biodiesel EN14214 results.

Emulsion Breaker 210 is designed to aid removal of wash water from bio diesel production.  Emulsion Breaker is to be used when water washing takes place.  Emulsion Breaker 210 will speed up the splitting of the oil and water separation, producing two distinct layers.

Typical dilution rate is 2-4 Litres per 1000 litres of water added, but this dependent upon the quality of the raw oil initially used.  Once mixed well, turn off the mixing equipment then leave to stand to ensure the full separation occurs prior to running the water layer off the bottom of the tank.

Treatment Process of Fuel Additives

Once the biodiesel reaction has been completed, remove  the Glycerine layer prior to washing stage. Proceed to wash the biodiesel, with Emulsion Breaker 210 added to the warm water or directly to the biodiesel.  We suggest the water is first heated to approximately 40 degrees C. The correct level of Emulsion Breaker 210 is then added to the warm water or biodiesel.  This should be then mixed well to ensure all of the Emulsion Breaker 210 has dispersed correctly.  This aqueous mixture should then be added to the bio diesel to remove the contaminants contained in the oil.  Emulsion Breaker 210 will rapidly bring about the oil/water splitting process.

Treatment Rates of Fuel Additives

Emulsion Type                                         Treatment Rate per 1000 Litres of Biodiesel
Slight Emulsion 0.25 - 0.5 Litres
Medium Emulsion 0.75 - 1.5 Litres
Heavy Emulsion 1.5 - 2.5 Litres
Very Heavy Emulsion 3 Litres

 All fuel additives must be stored away from children.


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