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Indian Stone Sealer, Sandstone, Granite, Limestone - PatioSeal

Indian Stone Sealer, Sandstone, Granite, Limestone - PatioSeal

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Indian Stone, Natural, Limestone & Granite
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PatioSeal - Indian Stone Sealer, Sandstone, Granite, Limestone

PatioSeal is a Indian Stone Sealer that is the latest development in sealer techniques for home patios which uses long lasting flouropolymer technology. PatioSeal will provide a long-lasting waterproof, transparent and durable seal that is waterproof on Indian sandstone, granite, block paving and limestone surfaces. Once PatioSeal has cured it will provide a shield of protection against dirt, oil, grease and stains. PatioSeal will also dramatically reduce the growth of moss & algae.

Key Benefits of PatioSeal
  • Protects and waterproofs Natural stone, Indian stone, Sandstone, Block Paving
  • Long lasting
  • Slip resistant
  • Transparent finish
  • Reduces moss & algae growth
Treatment Recommendations

For the best results we recommend a heavy duty clean of the surface to be treated using either our Sodium Hypochlorite based cleaner, Limate which is a hydrochloric acid based cleaner or our Algaecide which is a slower acting, yet more environmentally friendlier product. The aim is to remove all contaminants such as oil, grease, algae and mould. PatioSeal is not for use on surfaces which have been previously treated with a silicone or stearate based water treatment.

Application of PatioSeal
  1. Test a small area of your patio that is inconspicuous to ensure the product is compatible before using in large quantities.
  2. Shake the container before use.
  3. Ensure the patio is clean and free of any dust particles.
  4. PatioSeal is to be applied neat with a brush or roller onto the stone surface. Do not pour PatioSeal directly on to the surface.
  5. For porous surfaces you will need to apply a 2nd coat two hours after the original.
  6. Each litre of PatioSeal will treat 4-6m² depending on the level of coating.
  7. Once complete clean all brushes and rollers with soapy water.
Important Notes when using PatioSeal

Protect from frost and store above 5°C. Keep pets away until the product has dried. Not suitable for non porous surfaces such as quarry tiles, engineering brick, polished or glazed surfaces. The product will not be completely activated for a couple of days after application so bear this in mind before heavy use. Do not apply in wet weather to ensure PatioSeal does not become diluted.

2 Reviews
  • 5
    Indian stone patio sealer

    Posted by Altine Abdullahi on 22nd Sep 2021

    I am very happy with this product. At first I was worried because there was no review to go by, I was even thinking of returning it. But decided to try it on a sample, and I Was surprised by the outcome.
    My patio looks fantastic after 2 application. I will recommend to a friend 100%.

  • 5
    Indian Stone Sealer

    Posted by Liz fenton on 21st Sep 2021

    Excellent. What more can I say ?

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