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  • 5 Litres of Swell Gel Liquid Hand Soap

    Swell Gel - Premium Liquid Soap

    Swell Gel - Premium Liquid Soap Swell Gel is a mild, 'skin friendly' hand cleaning gel with a fresh fragrance.  With its rich, smooth, luxurious lather, new Swell Gel permium liquid soap incorporates special toiletry grade surfactants to lift...

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  • Luxury Hand Soap 5 Litres

    HandLux - Super Thick Luxury Hand Soap

    HandLux Luxury Hand Soap - Super Thick Handlux is a super thick luxury hand soap designed for liquid hand soap refill dispensers. Our Luxury Foam Soap is a mild foam soap that cleans and moisturises hands effectively.  Handlux is a liquid...

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  • 5 Litres of Goldfinger - Heavy Duty Hand Gel

    Goldfinger - Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

    Goldfinger - Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Goldfinger is a heavy duty hand cleaner based on natural oils extracted from Citrus fruit. Goldfinger is used for the rapid removal of excessive greases, oils, paints and inks and also to eliminate offensive...

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  • Pink Grapefruit Hand Wash 500mls

    Pink Grapefruit Hand Wash

    Pink Grapefruit Traditional Hand Wash Cleanse without stripping your skin or its natural protective moisture.  Infused with essential oils for beautifully fragrant soft skin. Key Features Revitalising Pink Grapefruit Fragrance Kills 99.99% of...

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