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HandLux - Super Thick Luxury Hand Soap

HandLux - Super Thick Luxury Hand Soap

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HandLux Luxury Hand Soap - Super Thick

Handlux is a super thick luxury hand soap designed for liquid hand soap refill dispensers. Our Luxury Foam Soap is a mild foam soap that cleans and moisturises hands effectively.  Handlux is a liquid hand soap that will clean the toughest of stains and leave your hands feeling refreshed with its naturally built in moisturisers and natural conditioners.

  • Thick and super rich lathers with moisturisers and natural conditioners
  • Skin care soaps are dermatologically tested.
  • Delivers the optimum amount of soap minimising waste and money

HandLux Luxury Hand Soap

Dermatologically tested, HandLux Luxury Soap is gentle to the skin, and the balanced formula allows for frequent use and effective hand washing. HandLux antimicrobial protection is incorporated into the hand soap – independently tested and proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99%. Improves hygiene and safety for users.

Handlux luxury hand soap must be stored away from children.

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