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Hand Hygiene

Chemiphase industrial hand soaps and antibacterial hand wash are availabe in our hand hygiene range.  All industrial hand soaps are available from a range of great professional products which have been proven to be one of the best hand cleaners on the market and highly effective and efficient.

Here at Chemiphase industrial hand hygiene range our hand soaps supplies are always available at the best possible prices and are available to buy in bulk so why not place your order today?

  • Solo - Alcohol hand sanitiser gel - Kills 99.9% of Viruses & Bacteria

    Solo - Alcohol Hand Gel Bulk Sanitiser

    Solo Alcohol Hand Gel - Hygiene Sanitiser - Suitable for Dispenser Refill Solo Alcohol Hand Gel has been specially formulated to provide a powerful, fast drying hand hygiene sanitiser for the catering, food handling and packaging trades,...

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  • Instant Foam - Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

    Instant Foam - Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

    Instant Foam - an Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer for foam dispensers and bottles Instant Foam is designed as an excellent alternative to standard alcohol based hand sanitisers. Instant Foam is suitable for everyday use unlike alcohol based products...

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  • 5 Litres of Swell Gel Liquid Hand Soap

    Swell Gel - Premium Liquid Soap

    Swell Gel - Premium Liquid Soap Swell Gel is a mild, 'skin friendly' hand cleaning gel with a fresh fragrance.  With its rich, smooth, luxurious lather, new Swell Gel permium liquid soap incorporates special toiletry grade surfactants to lift...

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  • Luxury Hand Soap 5 Litres

    HandLux - Super Thick Luxury Hand Soap

    HandLux Luxury Hand Soap - Super Thick Handlux is a super thick luxury hand soap designed for liquid hand soap refill dispensers. Our Luxury Foam Soap is a mild foam soap that cleans and moisturises hands effectively.  Handlux is a liquid hand...

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  • Wall Mounted Unit

    Wall Mounted Dispenser Unit

    Wall Mounted Unit Applications: Back office areas, commercial kitchens, staff rooms, entrances into warehouses, factories, distribution centres, etc Materials: Dibond board with applied graphics. Strong ABS manual 1L capacity dispenser with...

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