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FuelForce 2000 - Petroleum Diesel Performance Enhancer

FuelForce 2000 - Petroleum Diesel Performance Enhancer

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FuelForce 2000 - Diesel Cetane Performance Enhancer

Fuel Force 2000 diesel cetane enhancer will dramatically improve the performance of standard diesel fuel. Addition of Fuel Force 2000 will improve 2nd Class diesel into 1st Class fuel by increasing Cetane performance. Fuel Force 2000 can be added at refinery level, distributor level, fueling stations or even by final users at point of filling. 

Fuel Force 2000 diesel cetane enahancer is suitable for:

  • Standard Diesel Cars.
  • Commercial Vehicles.
  • Stationary machines.
  • Marine.
  • Railway’s.

Dilution rates begin at 350 ppm to 2000 ppm (350 mls to 2 Litres per 1000 Litres of diesel).

Benefits of a diesel cetane enhancer 

  • Increased Power + Performance
  • Increased Cetane Rating
  • Quicker Cold Start performance
  • Engine’s will heat up faster
  • Reduced misfiring of engine
  • Improved combustion, reduced emission in low load area’s

How Diesel Cetane Enhancers Work

Fuel Force 2000 will increase the Cetane rating of the fuel which will result in a smoother and quieter engine operation .  As the Cetane rating increases the rates of pressure in the cylinder lower during combustion creating a cleaner, more efficient burn.  These improvements continue across the full load range of an engine.  Also Fuel Force 2000 will reduce exhaust odours under critical conditions.  Diesel cetane enhancers must be stored away from children.

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1 Review
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    Super Fuel

    Posted by Kenneth Aynge on 11th Feb 2014

    This product does exactly what it says on the tin,
    i own a bmw 335d a super diesel this is a smooth powerful quiet car,on normal fuel,with this added the car is so smooth,and quite it is impossible to tell its a diesel,the performance is up the smoke is down the car is mapped and re-gen was deleted for dpf removal,i drove 10,000 miles with it still on removed it expecting it to be blocked it was clean! it amazes me how 1.5ml per Lt can affect the performance of the car so dramatically,i have driven 30,000 mile,s using this additive no reliability problem,s only ++ points


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