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EngineKlenz- Engine Degreaser

EngineKlenz- Engine Degreaser

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Engineklenz High Performance Engine Degreaser

Engineklenz is a high performance engine degreaser and cleaner that removes grime, grease and stains on a wide range of engines, automotive parts and machinery.  Engineklenz is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and easy to use and highly effective.  Engineklenz incorporates a blend anionic and non ionic surfactants that achieve a high level of degreasing power.

Benefits of using Engineklenz - Engine Degreaser

  • Powerful and effective cleaner and degreaser
  • Easy to use, brush on application
  • Removes oil, grease and grime from many surfaces
  • Does not oxidise when in contact with metal or anodised parts including aluminium
  • Safe to use on painted surfaces

How to Use Engine Degreaser

Apply directly to surface allowing the product to penetrate for 10 minutes. For quicker results agitate with a paint brush or similar rinse off with water using hose or pressure washer.

Can be used directly through pressures washer, pot washer, and degreasing tank.

Dilution Rates

Heavy Duty Cleaning - 1 Part EngineKlenz - 1 part water
Normal Cleaning - 1 Part EngineKlenz - 2 parts water
Light Cleaning - 1 Part Engineklenz - 3 parts water

Enginklenz engine degreaser must be stored away from children.

Private Labels

Chemiphase Ltd offer 'private' label services which incorporates having your requested products manufactured and branded as your own under strict ISO 9001 procedures, ensuring the highest quality products.  All products manufactured at the plant can be labelled with your choice of company name, logo, contact details and delivered direct to site with product data sheets displaying your details and company logo.

All chemical products manufactured at Chemiphase Ltd are delivered with the  appropriate safety labels required by UK, EU and international transport and hazard regulations. 

Free Shipping Information for UK Customers

Carriage to a UK Mainland address and VAT is already included in the price.  Some types of chemicals are classified as hazardous and as such will be sent on a overnight carrier.  A signature will be required on delivery.  Once your order has been placed and the product has been shipped, you will be sent an email and text message with the tracking information included which will allow you to track the item and adjust if required.

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