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CP 2622 - Ship Slop Oil Demulsifier ( High Water Cut)

CP 2622 - Ship Slop Oil Demulsifier ( High Water Cut)

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CP 2622 - Ship Slop Oil Demulsifier ( High Water Cut)

CP 2622 demulsifier has been specifically designed for the shipping industry, Chemiphase have manufactured a sludge conditioner range that can help maritime operators reclaim the expense of dealing with tank sludge, bilge water and slop oil. CP 2622 is designed to be effective on ship slop oils with a high water content.

For many years ships have been obliged to dispose of their sludge oil on a regular basis at great expense and at great inconvenience. The source of the problem is the high water content of the sludge oil which causes the sludge tank to fill up quickly and the sludge oil to be of no value, or worse, a costly disposal problem. Each Ship Sludge Conditioner from the CP 2600 Range is specifically designed to meet each ship's individual requirements. Our process is simple, we sample the sludge, test and evaluate our solution from our CP 2600 range and then recommend a cost effective and highly effective ship sludge conditioner for each ship.

Chemiphase have carried out considerable research and development into these problems and from work carried out with major shipping companies has formulated a cost effective solution, the CP – 2600 Ship Sludge Conditioner range. The CP 2600 demulsifier range are harmless, environmentally acceptable chemicals which will aid separation of the water from the oil. They are highly effective because they stay in the oil phase and continue working, even when the water has been discharged.

Benefits of Demulsifier

The Ship Sludge Conditioner will typically reduce the high water content of a sludge therefore reducing the frequency of the emptying of the sludge tank. The quality of the oil after treatment with the Chemiphase Sludge Conditioner has been found, in a number of cases, to be high enough to reuse on board. Thus disposal costs are eliminated altogether. In other cases the cost of disposal has been reduced due to the higher quality being produced. The oil content of the separated water has typically been found to be less than 15ppm which will allow safe discharge and complete compliance with Marine Pollution Regulations. Not all sludge oils are the same due to the many different sources of sludge. Therefore often the sludge conditioner has to be customized for a particular ship. Chemiphase will carry out this development in its laboratory and will manufacture to suit this need.

Chemiphase are currently supplying several major shipping lines which are enjoying the benefits of using the Chemiphase products. The current customer base for the Ship Sludge Conditioner includes:

  • Stena Sealink
  • P & O Ferries
  • North Sea Ferries
  • Brittany Ferries

At Chemiphase we take great pride in offering green , environmentally sustainable chemical solutions and as such all the products in the CP 2600 range are produced using environmentally friendly methods and where possible, are formulated to be fully biodegradable

Contact us directly on 01704 894808 for further information about our free testing & sample of the Ship Sludge Conditioner / demulsifier range to see the benefits for yourselves.


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