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UK Biodiesel Antioxidant

UK Biodiesel Antioxidant

Posted by Ben Wiggins on 13th Jul 2018

Industry: Biodiesel Production


A medium / large UK biodiesel producer was experiencing oxidising problems with their biodiesel fuel. The customer currently used Allkear 400 which cured the oxidising problems but because the biodiesel was very close to the alcohol limit of the EN14214 standard it was just failing the EN14214 on alcohol content. The customer contacted Chemiphase to manufacture a biodiesel antioxidant as effective as Allklear 400 yet alcohol free. Allklear 600 was created.

EN14214 Standard Test - Without Allklear 600

en14214 fail

As you can see from the results above the biodiesel sample is failing on the oxidation stability@110°C specification stipulated in EN14214 standard by achieving a 1 Hour stability rating. The minimum required to pass the EN14214 oxidation stability test is 8 hours.


After the request to formulate an alcohol free biodiesel antioxidant Chemiphase researched and developed Allklear 600 to be formulated into a liquid which is easy to use, low dilution rate and dramatically increases the oxidation stability@110°C – Allklear 600. The dilution rate was recommended as 2 Litres per 1000 Litres of Biodiesel.

Independant EN14214 Standard Test - With Allklear 600

en14214 pass

The Results

As you can see from the results achieved the Oxidation Stability of the Biodiesel has increased from 1 hour to 9.5 hours with the introduction of 2 Litres of Allklear 600 per 1000 litres of biodiesel.

The Conclusion

It is quite clear that without the introduction of Allklear 600 to the producer's biodiesel that it would of failed the Oxidation Stability@110°C section of the EN14214 quality specification test. The increased benefits of this product include a zero alcohol level of the product which will help biodiesel producers maintain their methanol content on the EN14214 test, the obvious effects of the Allklear 600 on the Oxidation Stability and the minimal dilution rate required to achieve these results which will significantly reduce operation costs.

Products Recommendations : Allklear 400 & Allklear 600