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Allklear 400 - Biodiesel Antioxidant For Storage

Allklear 400 - Biodiesel Antioxidant For Storage

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Allklear 400 - Biodiesel Antioxidant - "Will extend the lifespan of your biodiesel"

Allklear 400 is a biodiesel antioxidant which will control the oxidation of biodiesel. If left uncontrolled biodiesel will begin to oxidise from day of production. By adding Allklear 400 you can greatly extend the shelf life of biodiesel by up to 2 years.

Benefits of Allklear 400 - Biodiesel Antioxidant

  • Contains a dispersant & a powerful biocide to control any microbiological activity during storage.
  • No corrosive action on metals.
  • Combusts without residue.
  • 1 Litre of Allklear 400 will treat up to 500 Litres of Biodiesel
  • Suitable for all types of biodiesel
  • Simple to add, no heavy mixing or temperatures required; Simply pour in.

Typical addition rates are between 0.2% to 0.5% by volume (i.e. 2–5 litres made up to 1,000 litres with the biodiesel produced). Generally the required treat rate will be dependent upon the natural stability of the biodiesel produced. The customer must determine the required dosage and check compatibility with the biodiesel

How Allklear 400 - Biodiesel Antioxidant Works

Allklear 400 is designed for use when biodiesel is being stored for over 1 month. Biodiesel must be stored in suitable tanks where water ingress is not possible to prevent water and bacteria contamination. Allklear 400 will control the premature oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid esters in biodiesel. This oxidation forms highly volatile compounds and corrosive carboxylic acids that are well known to form polymerized and cross-linked biodiesel gums that can precipitate and damage all types of diesel engines.  All biodiesel antioxidants must be stored away from children.




1 Review
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    On time and does what it say on the tin

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2016

    Excellent product and delivered the next day

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