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Toxfree - Electrical Contact Cleaner Degreaser (111 Trich Free)

Toxfree - Electrical Contact Cleaner Degreaser (111 Trich Free)

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Toxfree - Industrial electrical contact cleaner Degreaser (111 Trich Free)

Toxfree electrical contact cleaner is the safe replacement for traditional chlorinated hydro carbon degreasers and has been specially developed for the safe cold in-situ cleaning and degreasing of all electrical and  mechanical equipment.  This modern formulation has no odour, very low toxicity and leaves no residues.  Toxfree is the quick, easy way to clean electric motors and other electrical equipment of grease, oil and carbon deposits.  It leaves no residue, will not induce moisture into windings, it is non corrosive, and it is safe on paint, metal and rubber.

Used regularly Toxfree electrical contact cleaner can reduce fire hazards and fire losses, as motor defects cause one out of every five fires of electrical origin.  Regular cleaning removes oil and dust collected in the windings and insulation, clears clogged ventilation passages and cleans bearings which have become clogged with grease or dirt, making them run cooler.  This allows motors to run easily and work more efficiently, reduces sparking at the commutator and increases bush life.

Motors can be cleaned by running them immersed in a bath of the solvent for a short time, or by spraying Toxfree into the running motor with a solvent sprayer.  Allow to dry, or blow dry with compressed air.  Stripped down motors can be cleaned by soaking parts in the solution for a short time and either wiping or blowing dry.

In all cases arcing or defective brushes would be replaced before cleaning and bearings should be checked and greased after cleaning.

How To Use

Toxfree electrical contact cleaner is used as supplied and applied by spraying, jetting, brushing or dipping. Toxfree is also available in aerosol form.


Toxfree electrical contact cleaner is used for cleaning and degreasing electronic equipment, computer equipment, electric  motors, circuit boards, traffic controllers, telecommunication equipment, automobile  equipment business machinery,  precision instruments, radio and television equipment, etc.


  • Excellent Degreasing Properties
  • Low toxicity
  • Odourless
  • Chlorine free
  • Effective evaporation
  • Non corrosive


  • Safe for the environment.
  • Safe to use on all metals, plastics, printed surfaces, rubber, electric or electronic components.
  • Allows time for thorough cleaning.
  • Low hazard under C.O.S.H.H.  

ToxFree electrical contact cleaner must be stored away from children.

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