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DrainKlenz - Concentrated Drain Cleaner

DrainKlenz - Concentrated Drain Cleaner

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DrainKlenz - Non Acid Pipe & Drain Unblocker / Drain Cleaner

DrainKlenz is a powerful non-acid drain cleaner formulated to remove organic drain blockages. It is effective on grease, oil, soap, hair, vegetable and organic matter. DrainKlenz unlike acid based products, does not create obnoxious malodours which will taint food in preparation areas. Can be used in sinks, urinals, toilets, ullies, showers, baths and grease traps. regular dosing will maintain clear drains and reduce the chances of blockages.

Features of using Drainklenz

  • Powerful drain cleaner
  • Concentrated
  • Odourless
  • Cool Action

Benefits of using a non acid drain opener

  • Swiftly clears organic blockages
  • 125ml will clear most blockages
  • Has no nasty smell, wont taint food in kitchen
  • Does not produce heat whilst working

How to use for Slow running drains

Mix 65ml of DrainKlenz with 250ml of hot water and pour in. Leave for 5 minutes and flush through. For larger drains; mix 125ml DrainKlenz with 500ml hot water.

How to use for Blocked drains

Firstly remove any standing water. Mix 125ml DrainKlenz with 500ml hot water. Pour in and leave for 10 minutes. If necessary, repeat the application. For larger drains; mix 250ml DrainKlenz with 500ml hot water.

How to use for Toilets

Feed a hose through the ‘S’ Bend and pour 250ml DrainKlenz with 500ml hot water through the hose. Leave for five minutes and add 1 litre of hot water. Allow 30 minutes to work then flush. Maintenance:- Mix 50ml DrainKlenz with 250ml hot water and add to each drain weekly

How to use for General Maintenance

Mix 65ml Drain Clearer with 250ml hot water and does all drains weekly to maintain a free flowing system.

DrainKlenz drain cleaner must be stored away from children.

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1 Review
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    Very effective at clearing blocked kitchen sink

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Oct 2013

    This product was very effective at unblocking a kitchen sink which has a very long drainage pipe which runs from the front of my house through to the back where the main outlet is a distance of over 7 metres. It needed 3 applications but did the trick when before I have had to call in a plumber, the fact that it is not acid based was very important.

    Highly recommended.

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