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Chemiphase have developed a range of cooling tower cleaning chemicals which is part of our water treatment chemicals range and is a acid based product effective for the cleaning of most types of cooling treatment systems which includes a built in corrosion inhibitor to protect the cooling water systems.  Our cooling tower cleaning chemicals can be used extensively to clean a wide range of industrial and municipal applications and to aid the clarity of process and waste water.  For more information on our cooling tower cleaning chemicals please contact us.

  • ChemFlow 40 - Antifreeze / Coolant 5 Litres

    ChemFlow 40 - Antifreeze Concentrate

    Chemflow 40 Antifreeze Concentrate ChemFlow 40 is a 'British-Standard antifreeze Coolant' composed of Mono Ethylene Glycol which uses Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology in combination with silicate and is free from nitrites, amines, phosphates,...

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  • 20 Litre Container of CP 9560 - Cooling Water Descaling Oxidising Biocides

    CP 9560 - Cooling Water Biocide

    Chemiphase CP-9560 cooling water biocide is a liquid oxidising biocide used to achieve and maintain biocidal levels of free chlorine in re-circulating water systems Typical Physical Properties Appearance yellow/green liquid pH Alkaline S.G. 1...

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