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Chemi Strip - Floor Stripper

Chemi Strip - Floor Stripper

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Chemi Strip- Floor Polish Remover - "Fast & Highly Efficient Floor Stripper"

Chemi Strip is an ammonia free, floor stripper & emulsion polish and wax remover. It has been specially formulated to effectively remove emulsion polishes and waxes, along with in-grained soiling on lino, wood, terrazzo, vinyl and concrete. The concentrated nature means that Chemi Strip can be diluted to a ratio of 50:1. Chemi Strip is supplied to major contract cleaning companies, health organisations and local councils.

Where to Use Floor Stripper

For stripping all concrete, linoleum, rubber, sealed wood, terrazzo, marble and thermoplastic surfaces and cork.

Dilution of Floor Stripper

Heavy build ups of polish or Oleo-resinous seals - 1 part Chemi strip to 4 parts hot water

Emulsion Polish or Wax Polish - Dilute up to 50:1 dependent on the amount of the build up.

Benefits of ChemiStrip Floor Stripper

  • Chemi-Strip will remove emulsion polishes and waxes
  • Ammonia free with no strong fumes
  • Chemi-Strip will strip lino, wood, terrazzo, vinyl and concrete
  • Can be diluted with water up to 50:1 for emulsion and wax polishes
  • Chemi-Strip will also remove in-grained soiling

Application of ChemiStrip Floor Stripper

  1. For removal of heavy build-up of metallised polish dilute with 4 parts of hot water.  Apply with mop over an area of 3 x 3 yards, pass machine with black pad and an insert of course wool over the area two or three times to ensure complete penetration.
  2. Remove sludge with wet pick-up and rinse thoroughly with clean hot water.  If no wet pick-up is available, mop sludge with hot rinsing water and pick up with a clean mop.  Add tablespoon full of vinegar in final rinse to ensure neutralisation of floor surface prior to application of Maintayne.  Examine floor and repeat if required.  Allow floor to dry thoroughly prior to application of Brilliant and Maintayne.
  3. Wood and Cork floors.  It is preferable to allow overnight drying out as it is essential to only apply seal coats to a totally dry floor.
  4. For heavy build-ups of polish and oleo-resinous seals dilute 4:1 in hot water. For emulsion and wax polishes dilute up to 50:1 in hot water dependent on the build up. Apply solution to 2-3 sq metres and scrub area with a scrubbing machine with black pad. Allow Chemi Strip to work and pass machine over again. Remove sludge with wet pick-up and rinse thoroughly with clean water. If no wet pick-up is available, mop surface with hot rinsing water and pick-up with clean mop. Give floor a final rinse with clean water, to which has been added 100ml of vinegar per bucket in order to neutralise surface.

ChemiStrip Floor Stripper should be stored away from children.

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