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Big Ben - Auto Bar Glass Washer Liquid Detergent & Sterilizer

Big Ben - Auto Bar Glass Washer Liquid Detergent & Sterilizer

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Big Ben - Liquid Bar Glass Washer Detergent Sterilizer

Formulated to meet more exacting conditions, where a liquid detergent and sterilising agents are required for glass washing applications. Strong, reliable and safe enough for manual glass washing or automatic glass washing.

Big Ben is a powerful bar glass washer detergent for machine glasswashing that removes stubborn stains and soils and leaves a sparkling finish. Big Ben is pre-softened for effective, trouble-free use in both hard and soft water areas.


Ideal for cleaning glassware, glasses, tumblers in all automatic glass washing machines. Essential for use in pubs, clubs, nightclubs, restaurants and bars to ensure that glass is clean and sparkling.
Typically only 28ml (1 fluid ounce) should be added to the machine for each wash cycle, making this exceptional value for money.  Big Ben - Bar Glass washer shoud be stored away from children.

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