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BAC 50 - Benzalkonium Chloride Concentrated Algaecide, Fungicide

BAC 50 - Benzalkonium Chloride Concentrated Algaecide, Fungicide

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Product Information

BAC 50 is a quaternary ammonium-based biocide with an optimised alkyl chain length distribution, which can be used for the preparation of disinfectants, cleansers and timber preservation formulations, and for the production of fungicidal/algicidal washes and other similar applications.

Applications / Use Levels

BAC 50 is suitable for the formulation of disinfectants, cleansers and sterilants and as a fungicidal/algicidal wash base for the maintenance or pre-decoration treatment of masonry, brick, timber, plaster, paintwork, etc. It can be used as an algicide/slimicide in swimming pools, industrial water reservoirs and cooling towers and for the preparation of wood preserving formulations intended for primary treatment and secondary preservation (EU/AWPA classes 2, 3 and 4, by dip or vacuum application as well as by spray application in closed tunnels). The use concentration will depend on the application and the required degree of antimicrobial activity. More precise information regarding the concentration required for specific applications, such as timber preservation, can be advised or determined by the local Chemiphase Microbiological Technical Centre. * The data given are time and system dependant. The information contained in this leaflet is intended to be of assistance to users but is without guarantee. Variations can occur in application and users are advised to conduct their own tests. Suggestions for use neither give nor imply any freedom from patent infringement.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Addition / Compatibility

BAC 50 is a strongly cationic product and therefore incompatible with formulations containing anionic compounds. It may, however, be used with other cationic or non-ionic compounds. Users are therefore strongly advised to carry out compatibility tests or seek further advice from Chemiphase prior to initial application. Avoid oxidising agents and anionic compounds.
Prior to use BAC 50 should not be diluted or mixed with other chemicals, in order to avoid any negative influences on the active ingredient(s).

Packaging / Storage / Transport / Regulatory Approvals
  • Packaging: 5 Litre, 2 x 5 Litres, 4 x 5 Litres, 205 Litre Drum, 1000 Litre IBC
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from production date when stored at approximately 20°C
  • Availability: Ex-stock in the above packaging

Storage: Handle product in a closed system. If the product crystallises at low temperatures, it can be restored by slowly warming the product. The effectiveness is not affected. Minimum storage temperature: 10°C. Protect from frost. Prevent release to the environment by adequate secondary containment and use of appropriate spill control procedures.
Transportation: BAC 50 is classified as hazardous for transport Regulatory Approvals: Detailed information available in the regulatory status document Safety / Labelling / Toxicology For detailed information on the toxicology and handling of BAC 50 and advice on the labelling of products in which it may be used, please refer to the separate Safety Data Sheet or seek specific advice from Chemiphase

The information and all further technical advice is based on our present knowledge and experience. However, they imply no liability or other legal responsibility on our part, including with regards to existing third party intellectual property rights, especially patent rights. In particular, no warranty, whether express or implied of guarantee of product properties is intended or implied. We reserve the right to make any changes according to technological progress or further developments. The customer is not released from the obligation to conduct careful inspection and testing of incoming goods. Performance of the product described herein should be verified by testing, which should be carried out by qualified experts in the sole responsibility of the customer.