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Avalanche - Industrial Oven Cleaner

Avalanche - Industrial Oven Cleaner

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AVALANCHE – Industrial Oven Cleaner - "Unbeatable Results With Any Oven"

Ideal for cleaning commercial and domestic ovens, and a whole range of kitchen utensils in the catering environment.  The powerful combination of Potassium Hydroxide and surfactants which boost the cleaning and degreasing properties will ensure a fast labour saving method of removing baked on grease and fats without the obnoxious fumes often associated with other products.  The incorporation of special agents produce a thixotropic gel, that clings tenaciously to vertical surfaces, and difficult contours. Avalanche is used by professionals as deep clean industrial oven cleaner.

Avalanche is safe to use on most-surfaces, however because of its caustic nature we that it should not be left on aluminium or stainless steel surfaces for more than a few minutes to avoid marking.   In common with all other caustic products, rubber gloves should be worn when using, and care taken to avoid contact with skin and eyes.


  • Fume Free
  • Gel Formulation so it can cling to walls of oven for unbeatable results
  • Free Rinsing
  • Powerful
  • Easy application- simple apply, agitate then rinse off after desired time


  • No offensive smells or tainting odours.
  • Clings to surfaces ensuring optimum penetration.
  • Easily removed with clean water


For general use we recommend using a 1/4 of a litre of Avalanche to produce excellent cleaning results. For very heavily stained ovens we recommend using 1/2 Litre of Avalanche. 5 Litres of Avalanche will potentially clean your oven 20 times. Therefore the cost to use Avalanche to clean your oven works out at 0.75p per clean. Apply liberally to the surface using a brush or pad, agitate and leave for up to 30 minutes, depending on soiling to penetrate and lift deposits. Agitate again and rinse off with clean water, for best results use on a warm oven.  Avalanche industrial oven cleaner must be stored away from children.

Private Labels

Chemiphase Ltd offer 'private' label services which incorporates having your requested products manufactured and branded as your own under strict ISO 9001 procedures, ensuring the highest quality products.  All products manufactured at the plant can be labelled with your choice of company name, logo, contact details and delivered direct to site with product data sheets displaying your details and company logo.

All chemical products manufactured at Chemiphase Ltd are delivered with the  appropriate safety labels required by UK, EU and international transport and hazard regulations. 

Free Shipping Information for UK Customers

Carriage to a UK Mainland address and VAT is already included in the price.  Some types of chemicals are classified as hazardous and as such will be sent on a overnight carrier.  A signature will be required on delivery.  Once your order has been placed and the product has been shipped, you will be sent an email and text message with the tracking information included which will allow you to track the item and adjust if required.

13 Reviews
  • 5
    Avalanche high strength oven cleaner

    Posted by John Nicholson on 17th Dec 2023

    Used this on a very neglected and dirty oven with a lot of baked on rock solid grease.. This product did very well in cleaning the vast majority of the grime. The really baked on stuff needed two attempts, but the end result was the best I’ve ever seen.

  • 5
    Brilliant Product

    Posted by Richard on 8th May 2023

    Have only used it once and it did a first class job removing most of the baked on fat which other products I used didn't really touch it. I brought 5 litres so plan to clean the oven every 3 months to bring it back to a first class finish. Would recommend this product to anyone if they have really big problem with baked on fat.

  • 5
    Avalanche oven cleaner

    Posted by Phil Proud on 12th Feb 2023

    Excellent product, second purchase. Used to clean domestic ovens with ease. Place racks in plastic bag for overnight soak. Also effective in diluted solution to clean baked on glass cookware. Don’t use on aluminium or non stick surfaces. Great value for money, lasts months. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Avalanche concentrated oven cleaner

    Posted by Phil Proud on 12th Feb 2023

    My second purchase. Brilliant product, used for cleaning my domestic ovens. Incredibly effective. Use like shop bought product.. place racks etc in large plastic bag overnight ( outside!) Amazing value for money, compared to single supermarket item, lasts months. I use a diluted solution for soaking baked on glass containers. Works great. Don’t recommend on aluminium or non stick surfaces. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Amazing product

    Posted by Marcin on 2nd Aug 2022

    This product will dissolve the toughest stains in ovens and BBQs which could not be removed by scrubbing with s wire brush.
    Just apply and leave for some time. The most stubborn burned marks will need reapplication, but this is the best product I have found so far, which after a quick discussion is now also used by my friend who cleans houses professionally.
    Please note that this is a very potent gel, so you need gloves and eye protection as it will irritate skin quickly

  • 5

    Posted by Ross Lyddall on 9th Mar 2022

    Don’t waste time buying anything else, great product and great value for money. User friendly no acrid smell WOW

  • 4
    Oven cleaner

    Posted by Ian s on 1st Jun 2021

    Service was 5 star, very fast delivery and good communication. Product is good but still takes a few attempts to get all the burnt on fat removed. The secret is to clean it more often than I do!

  • 5
    Avalanche High Strength Oven Cleaner

    Posted by Steve on 17th May 2021

    I had purchased a few of the supermarket oven cleaners in the past but just can work out to expensive if you intend to completely clean two ovens on a Range cooker. I therefore searched the web and came across this product and decided to order it. Firstly it is at a very reasonable price, the delivery was free and quick and above all the product is excellent, just follow the instructions and you will be amazed at the finish, I was and I would definitely order again and again. Hope is review helps.

  • 5
    Avalanche oven cleaner

    Posted by Phil Proud on 4th Feb 2021

    This product is remarkable. Why didn’t I think of buying an effective powerful product sooner? I’ve wasted money and time on supermarket items. This product is extremely powerful, wear good gloves and an old shirt! Trays and rungs placed in a sturdy plastic bag have come up perfect after an overnight soak outside . I’m delighted and currently giving the same treatment to a neighbour’s items. Well worth every penny. Arrived well packaged in a sturdy container. Win, win!

All products manufactured by Chemiphase are developed under strict ISO 9001 conditions. Chemiphase work with industry worldwide delivering practical, cost effective solutions to resolve complex problems. If you require technical assistance, or information about our products, please contact our dedicated technical support team on: +44 (0) 1704 894808 or complete our Technical Support form.