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5 Kg of 20g Bromine Tablets - Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Spa Chlorine Alternative

5 Kg of 20g Bromine Tablets - Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Spa Chlorine Alternative

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Bromine Tablets
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Bromine Tablets 20g - Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Spa Chlorine Alternative

ChemBrom Bromine Tablets disinfect pool and spa water by killing bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms. As they are slow dissolving, the tablets give a constant supply of sanitiser over long periods.

ChemBrom Bromine Tablets can be dosed via a circulatory feeder device (brominator) or via a floating dispenser in the case of spas. Bromine maintains its efficacy at higher pH values than chlorine and is more stable at higher temperatures.

Product Features:

  • Kills water borne bacteria
  • Comfortable alternative to chlorine
  • Ideal for indoor pools and high water temperatures
  • Should be dosed into a feeder or floating dispenser.

A dose of 50 tablets is required to treat 7,500 gallons of water, and will last approximately one week.  Bromine levels should be monitored regularly, and product added as and when required. Bromine tablets must be stored awy from children.

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