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Chemiphase have an extensive range of foam control agents and defoamers. Including water immiscible, water dispersible, water based, and concentrates. Mineral oil, silicone, natural organic, and synthetic organic.

A defoamer or anti-foaming agent is a chemical designed to control the wasteful formation of foam during industrial processes. Anti-foams may be required for a number of reasons; process speed reduction, unsightly, or negative impact on working conditions.  For more information on our defoamer range please contact us.

  • Cooling Water Antifoam Agent - CP 9600 20 Litre

    CP 9600 - Cooling Water Defoamer Agent

    Chemiphase CP-9600 defoamer is a silicone based product effective for the deforming of most types of effluent plant foam and can be used extensively to dewater a wide range of industrial and municipal sludges and to aid the clarification of process...

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