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Chemiphase has been formulating and manufacturing fuel additive packages for over 20 years and I would like to introduce our products and services to your company. Our range of fuel additives include pour point depressant's, Biocides, H2S Scavengers, Fuel Demulsifier's and Fuel Stability Packages which include Corrosion Inhibitor's.

With the recent changes in the law regarding H2S levels in bunker fuel to 2 parts-per-million (2 ppm) limit for H2S in bunkers taking effect in July, 2012 under ISO-8217:2010, it is now, more than ever, vitally important to have a suitable, cost effective and reliable H2S scavenger.

Our H2S Scavengers will help you achieve less than 2ppm of H2S as required by ISO-8217:2010 in your Bunker Fuel's.

Chemiphase has been treating H2S in various applications for over twenty years and manufacturing a range of fuel additives. It is this experience that allowed us to formulate some of the most effective H2S treatments on the market. Chemiphase scavengers will reduce H2S gas in bunker fuels to below the permitted 2ppm, whilst providing corrosion protection for both bunkers and ancillary tanker and shore side equipment and pipework.

Additives Effective on Marine Fuel Oil Grades

  • MFO - Marine Fuel Oil
  • HFO - Heavy Fuel Oil
  • MDO - Marine Diesel Oil
  • MGO - Marine Gas Oil
  • BIO - Biodiesel for Marine Use

It is common knowledge that Hydrogen sulfide in bunker fuel oil poses a serious hazard to employee safety and operational infrastructure, with the gas in head spaces being lethal. It is however less well known that reducing the levels of H2S can have a hugely positive impact in other areas.

H2S forms highly corrosive compounds that pose a very real risk to the integrity and operational ability of bunkers, ships engines, refineries, blenders, land-based bulk fuel storage tanks, and fuel pipelines. Reducing corrosion by reducing H2S can represent a real saving in terms of time in operation alongside the obvious financial saving.

Chemiphase have the knowledge and ability to provide efficient, reliable and cost effective H2S removal.  Fore more information on our range of h2s scavengers please contact us.