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  1. Clean pool walls and carefully vacuum the bottom so that the pool is completely clean.
  2. Check pH and adjust it if necessary to a 7.2 - 7.4 using pH Minus Granules or pH Plus Granules.
  3. Carry out shock disinfection and switch on filtration mode.
  4. The following day, add winterising reagent Freezypool to water in ratio of 400ml per 10m³ of water and continue filtration for 8 hours, so that the reagent is well distributed in the water.
  5. Drain the water from the pool until the level drops 10 10cm below the side nozzles.
  6. Check the condition of the built in equipment and leak proofness of connections.
  7. Put winter floats into the water to compensate for the pressure of ice on the walls of the pool in order to avoid damage during winter.
  8. Sand filters have to be subjected to backwashing, to avoid the compaction of sand.  Wash diatom filters by back stream, remove contaminated diatomite, disassemble filter and cleancells with Calcirid, replace damaged cells and leave the filter open.  In the cartridge filter cartridges should be removed and flushed with water under pressure, until the filters are clean.
  9. Turn off the recirculation pump from the mains and remove the pre-filter basket.  Clean and wash with water.  Check the mechanical condition of the pump, lubricate it and store in a dry place.
  10. If the pool is equipped with metering pumps, empty them and wash with water to make the entire system clean.
  11. If possible, disassemble and clean the additional structures (ladders, handrails, etc.) and store in a dry place.
  12. Cover the pool with sheeting.