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TechBrite Super - TFR Double Concentrated Road Film Remover 200:1

TechBrite Super - TFR Double Concentrated Road Film Remover 200:1

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20.00 KGS
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Dilution Rate:
200 parts water / 1 part TechBrite Super
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TechBrite Super Concentrated TFR is for use through a Hot or Cold pressure washer

Techbrite Super TFR is a concentrated blend of detergents and sequestrants specifically formulated to remove traffic film, oil, grease and general soiling from all types of vehicles. Techbrite TFR is highly concentrated and can be diluted with up to 200 parts of water.

TechBrite Super TFR is a heavy duty pressure washer additive containing a special blend of surface active agents, sequestrants and alkaline builders.  It is formulated to give outstanding results in the rapid removal of stubborn traffic film without the need for surface agitation.  TechBrite Super is suitable for use on all vehicles from cars to heavy commercials, it is also ideal for degreasing of engines, chassis, components, and workshop, warehouse and factory floors.

Features of TFR

  • Super Concentrated
  • Special Surface Acting Agents
  • Powerful
  • No Surface Agitation
  • Versatile

How To Use TechBrite Super TFR - Concentrated Traffic Film Remover

TechBrite Super has been specially designed for use in hot or cold pressure wash equipment although it can be used effectively both manually and in other types of equipment with good results. TechBrite Super is a highly economical product to use and it will be found that best results are obtained at a very low order of concentration. In pressure wash equipment introduce neat and set machine at between 1% and 3% dilution, depending on degree of soiling. Agitate for stubborn stains only. Rinse with fresh water. For agitation by brush or mop (manual or machine operations) dilute up to 200-1.

Application of Techbrite Super - Concentrated TFR

TechBrite Super is an outstanding product for use in hot and cold pressure wash equipment for vehicle cleaning. It removes normal dirt and grease and also traffic film without the requirement of mechanical agitation. TechBrite Super TFR is an excellent product for cleaning chassis and engines using pressure wash equipment.

Benefits of Technrite Super TFR - Economical Traffic Film Remover

  • TechBrite Super instantly dissolves grease, oil, diesel, smoke and dirt from coach work, chassis and engines.
  • TechBrite Super is free from caustic additives which are harmful to paint.
  • With regular use, caustic based products will lead to a dull finish, eventually requiring expensive respray work.

Techbrite Super TFR must be stored away from children.

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