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Pool Flocculants & Clarifiers

While the pool is in use tiny particles accumulate in the water.  They are not trapped by sand screens and cause turbidity and colour.  Therefore, coagulants have to be added to the water from time to time.

The Chemiphase product line includes a wide range of coagulants that make the pool water crystal clear.


  • ChemFloc - Liquid Flocculant for Pools - 5 Litres

    ChemFloc - Liquid Pool Flocculant, Pool Floc

    ChemFloc – Liquid Pool Flocculant Chemfloc is a liquid pool flocculant which is heavy duty treatment for swimming pools which is highly effective and a good alternative to granular flocculant. ChemFloc does not require any pre-dissolving and will...

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  • Hot Tub Starter Kit - In the Pack: 1 Kg Chlorine Granules, 1 Kg pH Minus, 1 Kg pH Plus, Chlorine Test Kit, Algaecide & Flocculant

    Hot Tub Starter Kit

    Hot Tub Starter Kit Everything you need to have crystal clear water in your hot tub is included in the starter kit for your hot tub.  The pack is easy to use and will enable you to disinfect your hot tub to ensure there will be no bacterial...

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