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Hot Tub Starter Kit

Hot Tub Starter Kit

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5.00 KGS
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In the Pack:
1 Kg Chlorine Granules, 1 Kg pH Minus, 1 Kg pH Plus, Chlorine Test Kit, Algaecide & Flocculant
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£49.99 (Ex. VAT)
Hot Tub Starter Kit

Everything you need to have crystal clear water in your hot tub is included in the starter kit for your hot tub.  The pack is easy to use and will enable you to disinfect your hot tub to ensure there will be no bacterial growth

Included in this starter kit :

  • 1 Kg Chlorine Granules - ShockChlor is ideal treatment for daily / weekly dosing to help maintain a clean, sanitised pool and spa. ShockChlor is a quick action sanitiser in the form of granules with an in-built stabiliser which stabilises chlorine levels in water. ShockChlor will not lead to formation of sediment and lime deposits and is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses and will not affect the pH level of the water.
  • 1 Kg pH Minus - pH Minus is used to decrease the pH level of your pool when it rises above pH 7.6
  • 1 Kg pH Plus - pH Plus is used to increase the pH level of your pool when it falls below pH 7.2
  • Chlorine Test Kit - Test kit to determine chlorine levels.
  • Algaecide - PoolQuat is a powerful, fast acting copper free algaecide for pool water treatment. PoolQuat will eliminate algae and prevent pool water from turning cloudy and looking unsightly.
  • Flocculant - Chemfloc is a liquid pool flocculant which is heavy duty treatment for swimming pools which is highly effective and a good alternative to granular flocculant. ChemFloc does not require any pre-dissolving and will also remove dead algae following treatment with PoolQuat algaecide treatment.

Store in a cool dry place. Do not mix with other chemicals. Always wear suitable gloves and eye protection when handling chemicals.


IF IN EYES – Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.

Causes serious eye damage. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Avoid breathing dust. Wear protective gloves / protective clothes / eye protection & face protection. Keep out of reach of children.