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Stabilisation water treatment can be started after the pool bowl is cleaned.  Fill the pool with water.  Start the pump and bottom drain so that the water is circulated through the filter.  The water level should cover half of the drain hole of the skimmer.  To bring the water to the desired state take water sample at the depth of 50 cm and determine the pH level using special tests.  Make sure that the pH is in the range of 7.2 - 7.4.  Otherwise adjust the pH using pH-Minus Granules or pH-Plus Granules.

In case the quality of tap water is poor(increased hardness, high metal content), or if well water is used, it is recommended to use Calcinon for softening and reducing calcium sediment, as well as Metaldez - for removal of metals.

The Chemiphase product line includes all reagents needed for stabilisation treatment of pool water:

  • pH-Minus Granules (pH minus Liquid) - reagent for lowering pH level of water in swimming pools
  • pH-Plus Granules (pH-Pluis Liquid) - reagent for increasing pH level of water in swimming pools
  • Dechlorine - reagent for neutralising excess chlorine (bromine) in water
  • Calcinon - reagent for preventing and removal of limescale from the pool
  • Metaldez - reagent for removing iron, manganese and other metal ions from water